Renu’s Solar Bill of Rights

As the Solar Industry continues to grow, companies of all sizes are finding different ways to reach their customers, design systems, and provide solar installation services. One thing all solar companies focus on is providing customers with the right to own clean and controllable energy. Motives for going solar range from saving money to creating clean energy. Below, Renu lists their beliefs that homeowners with solar energy should have in an ideal scenario.

Article I


The right to own your own electrical power source on your property without interference from the utility company


Article II


The right to connect your solar and storage to the grid and receive energy credits for contributed power to the electric grid

Article III


The right to not connect a solar and storage system to the grid 

Article IV


The right to increase resale value of the property from working solar power systems

Article V


The right to acquire a solar system via financing for little to no upfront cost and pay off the solar system over a period of time

Article VI


The right to reduce a person’s carbon footprint via solar power

Article VII


The right to freedom from discriminatory fees and charges associated with installing solar and storage technologies

Article VIII


The right for a timely and professional installation process

Article IX


The right for professional service should it arise at any time

Article X


The right for solar education with accurate information that assists in the investment decision-making process



Let us know your solar bill of rights below!