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Who Is SolarEdge?

SolarEdge is a company that strives to make sure your PV solar system is working at its highest efficiency. Module’s don’t always perform at similar levels. SolarEdge works to mitigate power level differences between modules, and power levels of each module can be checked so weaker modules can be identified and boosted.

What does SolarEdge Provide?

SolarEdge provides inverters for PV solar systems. PV modules take in direct current (DC) and SolarEdge inverters turn the DC into alternative current (AC) to power your building. While inverters are only 20% of a system’s installation costs, they manage 100% of system production. What separates SolarEdge from other inverters are the Power Optimizers that track the performance of each module. Since there is one SolarEdge inverter per PV system, the Power Optimizers can keep track of which module is the weak link. The SolarEdge inverter then works to improve the performance of weaker modules so the weak link in your PV system doesn’t affect its ability to power your building.

The Benefits of Using SolarEdge In Your PV System

  1. Only One Inverter Needed Per System: By virtue of storing any excess energy produced by your solar panels into a solar battery, you are lowering the amount of electricity that you buy from the grid in a month. You can also save on bills by saving your stored electricity to use during periods where your utility rates are higher than average.

    We know that sounds like a lot of work… But a smart storage system like Enphase’s Encharge energy storage unit measures all of these factors and takes care of it for you, while you simply enjoy your cheaper and cleaner energy.

  2. Power Optimizers For Module Tracking: There will always be situations that are out of a homeowner’s control – such as power outages due to electrical line repair, storms, or other unavoidable circumstances. Owning a backup battery through solar energy storage will provide you with power for all of your critical devices in moments like these.


  3. Easy To Access Inverters: Do not waste any of the extra energy that your system produces. Watch your energy bills plummet even more by adding energy storage and taking advantage of every drop of sunshine!

Features of a SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter

  • 3kW to 11.4kW range
  • Allows for 200% oversizing
  • Built-in module-level monitoring
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Why Renu

  • North/South Carolina Solar Installer
  • SolarEdge For Residential and Commercial
  • Turn-key Company
  • Licensed General Contractors

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