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Home Solar Financing Options with Renu Energy Solutions

Home solar financing options are designed so that our customers can receive their tax incentives from the federal and state governments before paying out of pocket for their new system, making it more accessible for everyone to convert to solar energy!

9 out of 10 homeowners are choosing to have solar and energy storage installed with $0 upfront cost. Unlike leases, our home solar financing options allow you to own your own power and energy storage system. Our solar loans are designed in a way that allows you to take advantage of any tax incentives from the Federal and State governments. We can help you find the best financial option to fit your individual needs to help with the paying for the cost of your solar system. We offer a wide variety of finance options that are extremely competitive with traditional loans. Renu makes owning your power more affordable today, tomorrow, and decades to come!

Residential and Home Solar Financing Options with Renu

Homeowners like you are choosing to own their power because it’s a smart, safe financial investment. Renu Energy Solutions is a top rated solar company across the Carolinas. Keep reading to learn about some of our $0 up front financing options to make sure you get the best savings for your new solar system from day one.

Same-as-Cash Consumer Financing

This no money out of pocket option allows homeowners to have zero interest and zero minimum monthly payments while immediately receiving benefits from clean, reliable solar energy and utility savings. Once your system is paid for there’s no monthly payment, just free power that can last for decades.

Long and Short Term Financing Options Available

With no money upfront out of pocket, we structure these loans to replace the utility bill so most customers’ solar payment is usually the same or lower than their current electric bill. Every dollar of the fixed monthly solar payment goes towards owning the system. There’s no prepayment penalty and the loan is completely transferable to a new home buyer to pick up where the prior homeowner left off. Another benefit of solar is increase home value.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Many customers choose to finance their solar investments with home equity loans. With interest rates as low as they are and all the savings you’ll realize on utility costs, this is a great option for any homeowner. We have many customers that use the 12 months same as cash option, then apply their tax credits to that loan, followed by paying the remaining of the costs via their home equity line of credit and leveraging the savings from their utility bill to pay off that line of credit.

Going Solar with Renu Energy Solutions

If you’re considering converting to solar energy, contact Renu for a free consultation. Whether you just have a few questions or you’re ready to install a solar system, we’re happy to guide you on your solar journey from start to finish!

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Home Solar System

The amount of electricity that a solar energy system will produce will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the home, system design, and much more. Ideally, a home with an unobstructed south-facing view will produce more than enough energy.



Energy Storage

Installing battery backup along with your solar energy system for home or business is a smart move and can increase the value of your clean energy investment as well as peace of mind when a grid outage occur.




EV Chargers

Electric cars – with no gas engine at all – now work for most budgets and lifestyles. With more and more models to choose from, drivers are choosing electric vehicles (or EVs) than ever before!



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