Start saving today with Residential Solar for your family

Benefits of smart. reliable. solar.


Residential solar will lower your electric bill immediately and provide 25 years of warranty backed electric power protecting your family from future energy price increases.



By combining your residential solar system with energy storage, your family will have energy even during power outages.  Solar with energy storage provides peace of mind and energy security.


 Show your family’s environmental commitment by doing your part.  As a Renu customer, your  clean energy leadership will shine with smart. reliable. solar.

Solar is more Affordable than you Think

The residential solar ITC (Investment Tax Credit) has been a major support for customers across the Southeast. Regardless of where you live in 2022, the ITC provides a 26% federal tax credit until 2023 based on the total cost of your solar system.

In 2023 the ITC residential solar tax credit will reduce to 22% 

Three Steps to your Residential Solar System


We start with a free phone consultation to understand your goals, view your home via satellite and answer initial questions.


Based upon your goals, we provide a custom residential solar proposal for your home including financing options.


Renu provides a turn-key full-service residential solar installation including design, permitting, equipment & labor

Solar Panel Costs

On average, a typical single residential solar panel costs about $250 per panel uninstalled and $1,000 per residential solar panel fully installed. This cost is representative of a typical solar panel seen on a residential home or commercial business. The fully installed costs of a solar panel includes engineering, permitting, labor, and all equipment and materials to put that solar panel in service.

Add Energy Storage to your Solar

Solar + Battery Backup = Energy Independence

Store solar energy generated during the day for use any time rain or shine. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. This energy can then be used to power your home at night, during power outages, storms, etc… 

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