Renu’s Growth

Since 2010, Renu Energy Solutions has been providing solar installations, electric vehicle chargers, and energy storage units for residential and commercial properties. From its beginning, Renu has grown immensely. Director of Operations Hannah Elliot describes Renu’s beginnings as a 25-35 employee operation to now a 100+ employee operation covering North and South Carolina. Growth like what Renu experiences requires new ways of doing business. Zoho Analytics changed the way Renu carries out projects from sales all the way to installation.

Before Zoho Analytics

Prior to Zoho Analytics’ integration to Renu’s office, project details were kept in folders, notes were kept on paper, and employees memorized customer details. Once project bandwidth increased, traditional methods of data collecting were no longer capable of keeping up. Projects take different amounts of time to complete and are constantly at different stages from one another.

Zoho Analytics’ Automation

Jeff Aliotta, CSO, emphasizes the importance of understanding the company’s improvement. “We need to know if we are getting better or worse.”, Aliotta says. While using CRM and Zoho Projects helped keep track of data, measuring the business’ health was hard without more tools. John Sheldon, Director of New Business Capabilities, realized that these tools needed to be able to “talk” with one another and generate reports. Zoho Analytics pulls data from CRM and Zoho Projects and creates reports automatically; replacing the need to make reports manually.

Another Employee In The Office

Zoho Analytics produces reports by the minute, allowing operations to make decisions fast. As Renu Energy Solutions grows, so do the number of projects. With Zoho Analytics, Renu can take these projects head on with the confidence that the necessary information is provided. Sheldon describes Zoho Analytics as “another employee in the office” that is there to assist when needed. Renu Energy Solutions recommends using Zoho Analytics in any office no matter the industry.


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