Hurricane Idalia’s Latest Path

Around 8 a.m Wednesday morning, Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida as a Category 3 hurricane bringing 120 mph winds capable of taking down trees and power lines. Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, and Homosassa Springs are experiencing flooding. Streets on the Gulf side of Florida are flooded, and over 160,000 customers were left without power. As of now, Idalia is making its way through Savannah, Georgia bringing storm surges up to 11 feet, more destructive winds, and inland flash flooding. Idalia will make its way into Charleston, South Carolina later on tonight, and finish up tomorrow morning in the Outer Banks of North Carolina bringing heavy rain before going out to the coast. Living in the south east means that we expect these storms on an annual basis. Why not prepare for power outages from these hurricanes with energy storage units? Owners of a solar energy system can produce excess energy that gets stored in energy storage units so their homes are prepared from grid outages.

Hurricane Energy Storage: Ready for Idalia with Advanced Energy Solutions

Renu Energy Solutions is at the forefront of providing hurricane-ready energy storage solutions. Our offerings, such as the Tesla Powerwalls, Enphase IQ Batteries, LG ESS Home 8, and FranklinWH Batteries, cater to both solar energy users and those without solar systems.


Why Opt For Hurricane Energy Storage?

The primary benefit is resilience. By harnessing the sun’s energy, homeowners can charge these energy storage systems without relying on the grid. This ensures uninterrupted power, especially during unpredictable hurricane-induced outages. Furthermore, even households without a solar energy setup can harness the power of these cutting-edge energy storage solutions.

Investing in our energy storage solutions, like the popular Tesla Powerwall, means ensuring your home remains powered during critical times. Unique features such as the ‘Storm Mode’ in the Powerwall app allow users to activate ‘Backup Reserve’, optimizing the battery’s stored energy during storms. Likewise, Enphase, LG, and FranklinWH offer intuitive apps for their energy storage systems, granting users flexible configurations tailored for severe weather scenarios.

Stay powered, stay safe, and be hurricane-ready with Renu Energy Solutions.


Preparing for Hurricane’s like Idalia is easy when a customer invests in an energy storage unit. Those who invest in a home solar energy system with energy storage units will not only be able to keep their power on during the initial outage, but also continue to charge the energy storage units via solar production from their system. For customers who experience power outages not only during hurricane season, but also year round, investing in solar energy with energy storage is a no-brainer.