Why Module Warranties Are Important

When deciding to install a PV solar system to your home or business, you’re making an investment for the future. PV solar systems are built to last since this kind of system will be responsible for every function in your home or business. While these systems are built to last, certain components like modules (panels) may need maintenance or a replacement. In this scenario, the first thing you should do is hire a solar service specialist to confirm the condition of your module. If the module needs to be replaced, the absolute first thing you should do is check your module provider’s warranty policy. One might respond to this situation by jumping the gun and purchasing another module when they could check their warranty and save thousands of dollars. 




Product, Performance, Labor 

Solar modules are produced by a variety of manufacturers. Some solar modules may be lead-free while other modules allow for monitoring power production. Along with functional features, different module manufacturers have different warranties. These three warranty types include product, performance, and labor warranties. Product warranties cover any defects that come with the module. Module defects include bubbles, bending, cracks, erosion, and any other damage that comes from using the system. Performance warranties cover any performance issues that modules may encounter. For these kinds of warranties, the manufacturers are saying that from the moment a module is purchased and installed, that module is guaranteed to perform at the same level for the duration of the warranty. Labor warranties cover the modules’ potential need to be serviced during the duration of the warranty. Typically, the standard warranty duration for solar modules is 25 years. Since module manufacturers are different, make sure to review your manufacturers’ warranties before making any decisions on solar module replacements or service.




In Conclusion 

PV solar systems and their components are built to last. That’s why solar module manufacturers are confident enough in their products to create multi-decade long warranties. Whether a customer is trying to be proactive about their systems future, or trying to decide if solar is right for them, customers can be assured that their modules will operate properly for years to come.