Why Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Are a Great Investment

If you’ve ever considered converting to solar energy but don’t have any viable roof space, ground-mounted solar panels are an excellent alternative! Ground-mounted solar panels are exactly what they sound like: mounted on the ground as opposed to on a roof. This is a great option for those whose roofs are obstructed from sunlight or aren’t equipped to hold panels. 

Making the change to renewable energy is a no-brainer — the reduction utility costs and carbon footprints alone is enough to make anyone see the sense in it. Unfortunately, not every roof is capable of housing solar panels, which is why ground-mounted solar is such a great innovation. It has been the alternative option that people have turned to when roof-mounted panels haven’t panned out for them, creating more opportunities for everyone to go solar! 

In this blog, we’ll cover all the benefits of ground-mounted solar panels and how they can help you. 

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Before you install solar panels on your property, you should know about all of the benefits you’ll be reaping.

1. They offer the perfect alignment with the sun, giving you maximum exposure. 

This is arguably the most attractive feature of ground-mounted solar panels, and the entire reason they even exist. For many homeowners, their roofs are shaded or otherwise obstructed from the sun’s view, rendering roof-mounted panels pretty useless. Because of this, ground-mounted solar panels became a sensible alternative; they can be placed directly facing the sun, wherever they are on your property, so that you get maximum sun exposure and maximum energy production. 

2. They can be placed anywhere on your property. 

Due to their flexibility in comparison to roof-mounted solar, ground-mounted solar panels can be placed anywhere on your property, they’re not just limited to one space. If you happen to have a strict HOA that restricts certain home improvements, this is the answer to your problem. You may not be able to alter the appearance of the front of your home or the roof, but you can place ground-mounted solar panels in the backyard or the side yard to fit with your neighborhood’s regulations. 

3. You have the potential to produce more energy. 

Because ground-mounted solar panels are not limited to the size of a roof, you can install larger arrays. With more panels, you’ll be able to produce more and more energy, further reducing your electricity bills. This is especially useful for large homes or businesses looking to rely solely on solar energy but can’t devote the roof space; as long as you have the room on your property, you can install as many solar panels as you see fit. 

Additionally, you will be able to add more panels in the future, should you decide you need more energy to power your home or business. Limited roof space may stop you from adding more in the future, but ground-mounted solar arrays can always be added to if there’s still room on the property. 

4. You don’t need to make changes to your home’s infrastructure. 

In some cases, weak roofing needs reinforcement before solar panels can be installed. Because installing solar panels requires drilling holes in the roof, it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the changes to the infrastructure and the added weight. For those who don’t wish to make structural repairs, ground-mounted solar panels allow you to opt out. 

5. They are easy to maintain. 

Solar panels in general are a very low-maintenance investment, but to get the most energy production possible, you should make sure your panels are kept clean. Dust, dirt, and other debris can obstruct the photovoltaic cells within the panels from absorbing the sun’s rays, so washing them is much easier when they’re on the ground than when on top of a roof. 

How to Know if it’s Right for You

You may be wondering, “How do I know if ground-mounted solar panels are right for me?” as opposed to going with the more traditional roof panels. Many home and business owners have been able to utilize solar energy by choosing what fits them best, and we understand that no two projects are the same. What works for some might not work for others, but if any of these apply to you, you should consider solar on the ground:

  • You have large open spaces on your property that would allow you to add more panels later on if necessary
  • Your neighborhood has strict HOA regulations that won’t allow you to install panels on the roof or alter the appearance of your home 
  • Your roof is shaded or not facing the sun
  • You want to be able to adjust the placement of your panels when necessary
  • Your roof is older or damaged and you don’t want to reinforce it before installing roof-mounted panels

Converting to Solar Energy with Renu

If you’re interested in solar energy for your home or business but your roof isn’t suitable for panels, consider utilizing ground-mounted solar panels instead. This innovation has allowed thousands of customers all across the country to meet their energy needs without being restricted by their inadequate roofing space, HOA regulations, or obstructed views of the sun. 

Going solar is easier than ever with Renu Energy Solutions. Since 2010, we have installed over 3,000 residential and commercial solar projects in the Carolinas, making us industry experts. For more information on installing ground-mounted solar panels, set up a free consultation with one of our energy consultants. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about converting to renewable energy and how we can help you achieve energy independence!