Family First

Creating a sustainable life at home starts with getting your family educated and inspired about going green. Teaching the importance of sustainable habits like recycling, shutting off lights, gardening, and composting are small steps families can take to encourage their children to live a renewable lifestyle. This family took sustainability a step further by investing in a solar energy system for their home. Even while enjoying family time outside on a beautiful sunny day, the family is producing their own renewable energy while also saving money on electricity costs.

Why Solar Works For Families  

Solar energy works wonderfully for families of any size. Families use more energy than couples alone, which makes them the perfect candidates for solar. The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth’s surface in an hour and a half contains enough power to meet energy needs from across the world for an entire year. For our customers with a family of 6, solar energy helps meet their needs with no issues!

With the sun powering this family’s home, they are able to save over $100 each month by avoiding expensive electricity costs. Before this family paid an average of $160 a month on power. Now they spend an average of just $40 a month. Our inhouse team of energy consultants, operations team, and installation teams were able to help this family design and build a system that nearly offsets their need to pull electricity from the utility grid.

Saving For What Matters Most 

When a family like this saves on solar, they are saving for the important things in life. Whether that be football, MMA, or gymnastics this family is able to provide experiences for their children that build a strong work ethic, character, and memories to last a lifetime. Along with extracurricular activities, this family can save for emergencies and unexpected life changes. Solar energy for the home provides families with a way to live more sustainably for the environment and their loved ones.