The Charlotte Auto Show: Where Automotive Excellence Meets Innovation

Each year, the Charlotte Auto Show takes over the Convention Center in Uptown to showcase a variety of vehicles from top brands in the automotive industry. From November 16-19, ticket holders get a chance to see over 170 vehicles from automakers such as Toyota, Ford, Porsche, Ram, Maserati, Chevorlet, and more! Guests are able to make purchases on vehicles, win designer handbags and heels while raising money for pediatric cancer, and play games for children of all ages. Along with vehicle exhibits, a new tech and sustainability zone will be available for guests to learn more about sustainability for vehicles and homes.

Renu and Sun Services: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

This year, Renu Energy Solutions and Sun Service Specialists are proud to support the Charlotte Auto Show’s  New Tech and Sustainability Zone. Since both companies focus on providing solar energy, energy products, and services that are sustainable, Renu and Sun Service will demonstrate how solar energy can power your home and electric vehicle. Our displays will showcase some electric vehicle chargers for the home, solar panels, and energy storage units. Along with these components, members of the Renu Crew and Sun Service Squad will be there to answer any questions regarding solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging.  

We aim to educate exhibitors on the importance of utilizing solar energy to charge electric vehicles; eliminating the need of fossil fuels to power homes and vehicles. Through graphics and product demonstration, exhibitors will learn how solar energy works step by step.