Tornado Surge

Last week, the Midwest received a surge of tornadoes ravaging towns in Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa, and northern Illinois leaving 32 people dead. Towns like Wynne, Arkansas and Covington, Tennessee are left in shambles needing immense amounts of reconstruction. Residents of these towns lost their homes, loved ones, and described their surroundings as a warzone. These communities encountered EF-3 rated tornadoes which have wind speeds ranging from 136 mph to 165 mph.


Storms To Come

Unfortunately, last weeks’ storms are expected to be followed by another severe weather outbreak arriving in the midwest Tuesday afternoon. Affected areas include the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Valleys. This additional storm surge could result in thunderstorms across the southeast. Those living in the midwest should be prepared to find shelter from potential tornadoes. Homeowners that are not at risk of tornadoes should expect thunderstorms, which means power outages may arise from strong winds, rain, and lightning.


Energy Storage Backup 

While the only viable way to prepare for tornadoes is to find safety, homeowners can prepare for thunderstorms by protecting themselves from power outages. With energy storage, homeowners can use their stored energy in the emergence of a power outage. Energy storage units like the Tesla Powerwall and LG ESS Home 8 act as the main grid once the utility grid goes down. Lights will stay on without the homeowner realizing there was a power outage. The Tesla Powerwall even comes with a Storm Mode that activates Backup Reserve. Backup Reserve uses a percentage of the available power to keep home essentials up and running.

Invest In Energy Storage Today

Investing in an energy storage unit for the home is one of the most proactive steps a homeowner can take when preparing for severe weather. Thunderstorms aren’t as devastating as the effects of an EF-3 tornado, but the consequences of losing power for extended periods of time can be dangerous for families who rely on appliances for day to day functions. To learn more about protecting your home and family with energy storage, click here!