Duke Energy PowerPair Update

Duke Energy PowerPair Update

Save now and in the future with an incentive on rooftop solar plus battery backup.

PowerPair from Duke Energy provides incentives for customers who want to combine the savings and green attributes of solar power with the reliability and security of backup battery storage. Participating North Carolina homeowners can earn one-time installation incentives when they have a Duke Energy Trade Ally install a qualified solar + battery system. Trade Allies are skilled professionals who have been vetted by Duke Energy and can be found by using the Find it Duke referral tool.


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International Day of Clean Energy | United Nations

International Day of Clean Energy | United Nations

January 26th, 2024 marks the first ever International Day of Clean Energy. Renu Energy Solutions recognizes the significance of today as a positive step forward towards a better planet.

International Day of Clean Energy is a platform to drive the adoption of policies and practices to promote awareness on the sustainable use of energy resources and to strengthen collaboration and cooperation to promote the global energy transition.

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Source: International Day of Clean Energy | United Nations

Pay Your Power Bill Promotion

The Renu Way to Zero - $0 Power Bill Payments!

Pay Your Power Bill
Renu Energy Solutions

Find Out How Renu Energy Solutions Can Pay Your Power Bill TODAY!!

For a limited time, choose Renu Energy Solutions as your solar energy partner, and we’ll pay your power bill!! This promotion is for residential purchasers who have signed a fully executed solar power generation system installation agreement between January 22nd, 2024 and February 2nd, 2024. This means NO POWER BILL until May 31, 2024, courtesy of Renu Energy Solutions.

How Does This Promotion Work?

Once we have a signed agreement, installing your new solar system takes some time. And since your goal is to save money on your power bill, why not start saving rig ht now? For a limited time, choose Renu Energy Solutions as your solar energy partner, and we’ll pay your power bill until your system is in place and up and running! This is the Renu Way to Zero, a 2024 initiative where we’re striving to get every customer to ZERO!Pay Your Power Bill

To qualify and stay qualified for the promotion, the purchaser must fulfill purchaser’s contractual obligations and submit each qualified power bill for reimbursement within 7 (seven) days of the bill date on the qualified power bill. This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or rebate guarantee from either Renu Energy Solutions, the finance company or a solar equipment manufacturer. If applicable, purchaser may still be eligible for rebates paid directly from a utility. Certain restrictions apply*, ask your Energy Consultant for details.

I’m ready to get started… now what?

There are several ways to reach out to us. You can call us at (704) 525-6767, email solar@renuenergysolutions.com or fill out our CONTACT FORM shown below. From there, we’ll get you set up to start saving TODAY!!

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*Terms & Conditions

  1. The reimbursement is for a single meter for a residential electric utility bill for a single-family home. If the residential customer has multiple meters with the electric utility, the meter which will be tied to the Solar system will be the meter that is eligible for
    the Promotion.
  2. Electric bills with a bill date prior to the solar agreement signing are not eligible for Promotion.
  3. Other utility bills such as Telephone, Internet, Gas, Propane and Water (among others) are NOT eligible for Promotion. 
  4. Charges and Fees on the electric bill related to late payments or non-payments are NOT eligible for Promotion.
  5. Charges and Fees for add-ons to the utility bill such as lightbulbs or other discretionary non-electric charges are NOT eligible for Promotion. Only for charges associated with fixed and usage portions of the monthly bill. 
  6. Contracts for solar systems under 6 KWdc are NOT eligible for Promotion.
  7. This Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or rebate guarantee from either Renu Energy Solutions, the finance company or a solar equipment manufacturer. If applicable, Purchaser may still be eligible for rebates paid directly from a utility.
  8. If Customer (at their own request) delays the installation of the solar project for any reason, then the Customer will no longer be eligible for Promotion.
  9. Any Force Majeure Event; “Force Majeure Event” means any event, condition or circumstance beyond the control of and not caused by Renu Energy Solutions fault or negligence. It shall include, without limitation, failure or interruption of the production, delivery or acceptance of power due to: an act of god; war (declared or undeclared); sabotage; riot; insurrection; civil unrest or disturbance; military or guerilla action; terrorism; economic sanction or embargo; civil strike, work stoppage, slow-down, or lock-out; explosion; fire; earthquake; abnormal weather condition or actions of the elements; hurricane; flood; lightning; wind; drought; the binding order of any governmental authority (provided that such order has been resisted in good faith by all reasonable legal means); the failure to act on the part of any governmental authority (provided that such action has been timely requested and diligently pursued); unavailability of power from the utility grid, equipment, supplies or products (but not to the extent that any such availability of any of the foregoing results from Renu Energy Solutions failure to have exercised reasonable diligence); power or voltage surge caused by someone other than Renu Energy Solutions.

Duke Energy’s 2024 PowerPair Rebate

There is GREAT NEWS from the folks at Duke Energy – North Carolina!!

The 2024 Duke Energy PowerPair Incentive was established in response to a requirement from the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC). This program was designed to test how distributed solar and battery storage helps stabilize North Carolina’s power grid while reducing the need for peak power plant capacity. The program was approved January 11, 2024, but all of North Carolina is still waiting to receive several details, including the enrollment window and more. The PowerPair Incentive offers North Carolina customers a powerful incentive to adopt solar + battery storage with cash incentives up to $9000. Renu Energy Solutions is excited to provide the following details:

This unprecedented program is available to residential customers who install new solar panels and a battery storage system. The customer must own the premises and could own or lease the installed equipment.

2024 Duke Energy PowerPair Incentive Timeline

January: The Duke Energy NC PowerPair Incentive Program is approved by the NCUC.
February: Duke Energy deadline to file tariffs outlining the application process.
March: Deadline for NCUC to provide comments.
May: PowerPair application process expects to go live!

Participants would receive monetary incentives from Duke to offset the cost of installed equipment*:

  • Solar Incentive: $0.36/watt for solar panels to a maximum of 10 kW; capped at $3,600/residence
  • Battery Incentive: $400/kWh for battery storage to a maximum of 13.5 kWh = up to $5400

*System’s export to the grid could not exceed 20 kW at any time.

What Else You Need to Know About this Incentive

Participants would be required to select net energy metering (NEM) as their electric tariff and be divided into two cohorts:

  • Cohort A: served under the time-of-use (TOU) rates and would have complete control of the use of the energy storage device. 
  • Cohort B: served under the Bridge Rate and Duke Energy, or a third party, would have control over the battery storage device.

They are also required to participate in a new demand response program called Battery Control*.

*Under Battery Control, the customers’ battery could be controlled by Duke up to 18 times per winter season (Dec-Mar). Additionally up to 9 times per summer (May-Sep) and up to 9 times in the remaining months. A minimum of 30/year, maximum 36/year (referred to as Control Events**). 

**A Control Event is defined as the initiation of a signal to control the battery and, within 48 hours later, a discharging of the battery by Duke. Duke will not discharge the battery below a 20% state of charge, but would reserve the right to call interruptions outside of the above parameters in the event that the utility’s continuity of service was in jeopardy.

In Conclusion – from Renu Energy Solutions

This is a fantastic opportunity for North Carolina homeowners who have Duke Energy (DEP and DEC) to save up to $9000 on their solar + battery storage system. Furthermore, there is the potential to receive additional monthly discounts. But please note: at the time of this press release, THE PROGRAM HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED!! Renu Energy Solutions prides itself in educating and advising our clients when we are certain the information is accurate and truthful. If you have been told by other solar companies that they can hold your spot, or that you qualify for the rebates right now, it’s simply NOT TRUE. We encourage you to CLICK HERE and visit the Duke Energy Rebate portal. If it’s not listed, it’s not live!

To learn more about this program and other exciting solar and battery storage options, including how Renu Energy Solutions can pay your energy bill, please fill out the form on this page or CONTACT US for your free consultation!

Charlotte cosmetic surgery practice gets a solar lift

Charlotte cosmetic surgery practice gets a solar lift

Renu Energy Solutions completes installation for Capizzi MD

Renu Energy Solutions, also Charlotte-based, completed the solar system installation for Capizzi MD in March. It is located on the rooftop of the building and won’t be visible from any public spaces. It’s estimated the solar energy system will produce over 40,400 kiloWatt-hours of energy in the first year, reducing greenhouse gas pollution by the same amount as growing 780 tree seedlings for 10 years, by E.P.A. calculations. In its first 30 years of operation, the system will save over $250,000 in electricity costs.

“Solar has been on my radar for some time. It was my discussions with my son Seth, who is interested in sustainable resources and renewable energy, as well as a friend in Santa Barbara who went solar, that flipped the switch for me,” said Dr. Peter Capizzi.

The medical practice, which performs procedures for face, body, and breasts as well as popular non-surgical treatments, made use of incentives that encourage investment in solar. These include applying for a rebate for customers of Duke Energy Carolinas, a federal tax credit and a utility program called net energy metering, whereby utility customers with solar receive credit for any extra power they produce and send it to the grid.

Dr. Capizzi is proud to be part of the clean energy movement in the Carolinas, adding: “Growing up in New Hampshire taught me the benefits of having alternatives to fossil fuels for power and heating. These included hydroelectricity, nuclear, woodstoves in the house, and even in the early 1980s, we had a friend utilizing wind as well.”

Capizzi MD views its environmental commitment as an extension of a responsible, community-oriented approach. The practice also gives back through its charitable arm, the Capizzi MD Foundation, whose beneficiaries include Safe Alliance, supporting victims of domestic abuse. 

About the Customer

Capizzi MD is located in Dilworth at 900 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. To learn more about Dr. Capizzi and the Capizzi MD practice, visit www.capizzimd.com, and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.