521 kW Solar and Battery Installation for Angelus Temple

521 kW Solar and Battery Installation for Angelus Temple

Foursquare Church to adopt solar power in order to meet environmental initiatives and lower energy costs

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW), a leading provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial, industrial (ACI) and residential markets, today announced a new, 521 kW solar and battery construction for Angelus Temple’s Foursquare Church in Los Angeles. Angelus Temple is the founding church for the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG), which now has operations in every state in the United States and many countries around the world. ICFG, with support from the Foursquare Foundation, and in partnership with Renu Energy Solutions as the solar developer, selected Sunworks to develop a hybrid solar and battery system to enable the church to achieve energy independence and environmental sustainability. The Foundation made special mention of the invaluable partnership with Robert Espinosa and Matthew Cassey of Sunworks’ Southern California office. angelus_templeThe project, which was awarded to Sunworks on September 25, 2017, will be managed entirely by Sunworks and will assist Angelus Temple by eliminating over $100,000 in annual electricity costs while also eliminating the impact of inflationary energy costs. The savings realized will allow funds to be used for greater impact within the community it serves. Sunworks will construct a 521 kW DC parking shade structure above Angelus Temple’s seven-story parking structure using a 1,447 Sunpower 360 W panels. The system will be connected to a 30kW/40kWh Sharp SmartStorage battery system. After completion, the installation is expected to generate more than 750 MWh of power per year using Sunworks’ suite of products and solutions. 20170604_angelus-temple_render_2-1Sunworks’ Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile, said, “We’re excited to partner with Foursquare to develop a sustainable energy plan that optimizes their energy savings. Angelus Temple has a long history in Los Angeles and we are pleased to assist them in achieving their sustainability goals and drive greater cost savings.” With Angelus Temple’s project, the Foursquare Foundation will have partnered with Foursquare churches to install over 1 MW of solar energy across its US properties, with the hope of installing up to another 9 MW of solar energy in the next few years. About Sunworks Founded in 1983, Sunworks, Inc. is a premier provider of solar power solutions. We’re committed to quality business practices that exceed industry standards and uphold our ideals of ethics and safety. Today, Sunworks continues to grow its presence, expanding nationally with regional and local offices. We strive to consistently deliver high quality, performance-oriented solutions for customers in a wide range of industries including agriculture, commercial and industrial, federal, public works, utility, and residential. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our 25-year warranty, a benchmark that we standby to support our customers above and beyond their expectations. Sunworks’ diverse, seasoned workforce includes distinguished veterans who are devoted to providing the very best customer experience. All of our employees uphold our company’s guiding principles each day. Sunworks is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and is a proud advocate for the advancement of solar power.

About The Foursquare Church

The Foursquare Church was founded in 1923 by Sister Aimee Semple McPherson in Los Angeles. Foursquare is now an international movement with more than 68,000 churches and meeting places, and 8 million members around the world. Learn more at foursquare.org/about.

About Renu Energy Solutions

Founded in 2010, Renu Energy Solutions (www.renuenergysolutions.com) is a Charlotte, N.C.-based full-service solar energy installer in the Carolinas, and developer of clean energy projects across the country.

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