One Year In, SC Solar Customers Applaud Duke Solar Rebate

One Year In, SC Solar Customers Applaud Duke Solar Rebate

Residents Urge Neighbors to Go Solar and Save Big, While the Program Lasts

October 11, 2016 – SC solar customers including homeowners and small businesses have benefitted from big savings on solar energy this year, thanks to a hefty rebate from Duke Power that’s still available.

The rebate was introduced one year ago with the intent to spur solar growth in South Carolina. It was put in place in order to get more renewable energy onto the grid while driving economic activity and saving customers money on their bills in the long run.

The program has enjoyed steady participation over that time, and while the program is 60% used, there remain sufficient funds to support thousands of more kilowatts of solar installations, and some customers may still be able to save on solar systems put in this year.

One Duke customer is calling on homeowners who might be eligible for the program to act now.

Seth Williams, one of the SC solar customers with Duke, recently got solar installed at his home with help from Duke’s rebate. “I was very happy, and I was able to clearly see the financial sense of solar power because of this rebate. Duke’s incentive is one of the most competitive in the country, and saving money was my reason for going solar, bottom line.” He encourages people to look at how the rebate – which can potentially be combined with federal and state tax incentives – puts the purchase of a solar energy system within reach for many more SC customers than ever before.

Solar installers local to the area say the program has contributed to the health of the industry in the region over the past 12 months. Jay Radcliffe is President of Renu Energy Solutions, a local business that offers solar energy installation services in upstate South Carolina and the surrounding area. He says: “Duke’s rebate itself can cover 25-33% of the price of a solar installation, and so especially when taken along with the 30% federal tax credit state and 25% South Carolina tax credit, it is redefining solar power right now as a highly affordable option.”

Duke’s rebate of $1 per watt will be in effect under program funds run out. Speak with a representative of Renu Energy Solutions and arrange a no-cost solar energy consultation by calling 704-525-6767, or online at Contact Duke Power or review its website for further program specifics. Individuals should see a tax professional about the active tax credits referenced here.

Renu becomes partner on Hawaii solar project

Renu becomes partner on Hawaii solar project

Charlotte-based company expands its reach with 110 kiloWatt Nonprofit Solar project

Charlotte, NC (November 2, 2015) – Renu Energy Solutions, a Charlotte-based residential and commercial solar installation company, begins a nonprofit retrofit for a Hawaii-based Christian academy in collaboration with Foursquare church. This project promises to be the first of many solar projects to convert churches and Christian schools to renewable energy in the coming year in partnership with Foursquare church.

The main incentive for solar in most states is tax credits, and consequently there has been a vacuum of solar investment for religious organizations that are tax exempt. Renu Energy Solutions has found a path forward by partnering with Foursquare as an investment into the churches future across the nation.

By investing in solar, the church will reduce the money it spends on lighting the church, and be able to invest more into its primary mission.

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