The COVID-19 pandemic caused economic uncertainty as lockdowns took effect and many American industries were put on hold. Some states designated solar contractors as essential workers who could continue operations through the early pandemic lockdowns with proper safety precautions in place.

New York was one state where solar installation ceased altogether. With no work flowing in, Long Island-based contractor SUNation Energy furloughed 80% of its staff, which left founder and CEO Scott Maskin searching for ways to keep his business afloat.

Seeking solace from someone in a similar position, Maskin called Mike Teresso, president of Baker Electric Home Energy of San Diego. After that, Maskin called Jay Radcliffe, president of Renu Energy Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then, the three company heads scheduled a conference call with Josh Powell, CEO of RevoluSun in Honolulu, and Andy Clemans, CEO of Streamline Solar in Phoenix.

That was the start of a collaboration between five solar contractors that has lasted longer than pandemic restrictions. Then “The Wolf Pack” was born.

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