CASE STUDY: Take Flight Properties


North Carolina

3.22 kW

System Size





The Partner

Take Flight Properties is a company that specializes in “real estate management, brokerage and development”. Having served the Charlotte area for many years, Take Flight Properties prides themselves on providing a positive experience for clients through quality service and assistance.

The Challenge

For the properties office, monthly operating costs from electric bills were already high and news of looming rate increases were even more troubling. After much thought, this led the business owner to consider something “out of the box”. What if they were able to produce their own power?- But how would that work? What would it look like? Could that save money?

The RENU Solution

After meeting with members of the Renu energy solutions team, they were told that this idea was not only entirely possible, but could also greatly benefit their business. The business owner learned that with a modest 3.22 kiloWatt solar system, their pesky utility bills could be offset, allowing the management to redistribute the savings into the business. A 30% federal tax credit made the picture look even better. So with all of this information, Take Flight Properties committed to going solar.

Since the installation, Take Flight Properties has enhanced its financial stability for the long-term by going solar and now is significantly less worried about rising utility rates. Even for a business with only average energy use, solar can be a wise investment.

Clients view solar as a feature of a forward-thinking company ready to put a proven technology to work, and this is a frame that translates into all of Take Flight’s business plan.

They will also greatly impact the environment through investing in renewable energy sources and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.