CASE STUDY: Sapphire Technical


North Carolina

26 kW

System Size





The Partner

Sapphire Technical Solutions, the Pineville native company, has made the decision to go solar! They are a global leader in the light testing industry and have been advancing their business for many years.

The Challenge

Just like most solar customers, Sapphire Technical was continuously faced with increasing electrical costs. This frustrating and costly issue seemingly had no end in sight, which eventually pushed the company to look into more cost effective solutions. The owner developed a vision for investing in their own power, and got in touch with Renu energy solutions to learn more about going solar. 

The RENU Solution

After consulting with their experienced staff and learning that their roof would be suitable for a solar system, Renu then drew up a plan and began the process of bringing the project to fruition, in close dialog with the customer. They committed to the project after learning that they would be able to install a 26 KiloWatt system that would help significantly reduce their monthly utility costs. 

Sapphire Technologies has improved their financial stability for the long-term by going solar. Using federal incentives increased the savings from the project.

For a large energy user, solar can be an especially wise investment, as was the case here: Now the company uses significantly less power from the grid, saving the customer money and actually helping relieve grid congestion.

 The system is expected to produce around 31,000kWh each year, which will offset 48,321 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That is also equivalent to over 54,000 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle.