CASE STUDY: Restroom Direct


North Carolina

57.96 kW

System Size





The Partner

Located in Mooresville, NC, Restroom Direct was founded in 2008 by Chris Berl and has taken the initiative to go solar with Renu Energy Solutions. Restroom Direct is a master distributor of hand dryers, water coolers, drinking fountains, and other restroom and commercial fixtures. They sell their products to contractors, electrical, sanitation, division 10 and other distributors as well as a variety of businesses, including doctors’ offices, laboratories, hospitals, churches, restaurants, theaters, service stations, health clubs, schools, municipalities, government agencies, etc.

The Challenge

In spite of constantly increasing utility costs and energy dependence, Restroom Direct wanted to look for an investment opportunity that would end up saving them money in the long-run. This led them to begin investigating a solar solution in hopes of accomplishing their goals.

The RENU Solution 

They began discussing this opportunity with Renu Energy Solutions, and came up with a plan. Restroom Direct had a 57.96 kW DC system installed on their facility. It was determined that this would be the best size to produce the most amount of energy and save the company the most money.  

It is also helpful to remember that when you go solar in North Carolina and South Carolina, you qualify for the Duke Rebate. Starting in 2018, the Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress Utility solar rebate has been available to North Carolina businesses for a solar rebate of $0.50 per Watt(ac). This program ends in 2022 and allows those who invest in solar to receive a 26% Federal tax credit for their solar investment. Thanks to the rebate, Restroom Direct is estimated to save ~$6,100 and ~$16,200.

Looking long-term with this investment, Restroom Direct is estimated to produce around 1,990,000 kWh in total and reduce their carbon footprint by 1,550 Tons of C02.