CASE STUDY: LeafSpring School

Charlotte and Stallings

North Carolina

40 kW and 40.26 kW

System Sizes

$4,145 each


Around 122 PANELS each

Type of PANELS

The Partner

The Charlotte-area preschool LeafSpring School, formerly known as Rainbow Station, has made the decision to go solar at both of their facilities! The local preschools are known for, and pride themselves on their innovative learning environment. As school owner, Parks Hunter, puts it, they are constantly looking to “raise the bar and be the leader in early childhood education.”

The Challenge

In 2017,  the LeafSpring Schools decided that they wanted to begin searching for ways to improve their facilities. There are many different avenues one could take when considering updates, but after some deliberation they decided to look more closely into a solar option. They reached out to Renu energy solutions to learn more.

The RENU Solution

 After discussing with representatives from Renu, they learned that they could develop a 40-kiloWatt photovoltaic solar system for the Charlotte location and a 40.26-kiloWatt photovoltaic solar system for the Stallings location. An added bonus of this commitment is that solar could also deeply reduce the energy from the grid that the schools use to power the buildings daily. Because of this, the schools made the decision to move forward with the projects in hopes that it could be used as an extension of their core values for their students. 

Both systems will each produce around 55,000 kiloWatt-hours of clean power annually and each save 85,732 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.