CASE STUDY: Anne Springs Close Greenway

Fort Mill

North Carolina

22.11 kW

System Size




Hanwha Q Cell Plus 335

The Partner

The Anne Springs Close Greenway has gone solar! They provide recreational, educational and community activities and facilities in the Fort Mill area. The Greenway is a 2,100 acre nature preserve which offers hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and more to its visitors. Nestled as a natural oasis amidst the Fort Mill and greater Charlotte area bustle and growth, the Greenway sees over 275,000 unique visitors annually. The mission of the Greenway is to “connect people to nature through recreational and educational activities while fostering a passion for environmental conservation, animal habitat, and protection of natural resources.”

The Challenge

The Anne Springs Close Greenway demonstrates their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability in several ways. In 2019, the Greenway constructed a new welcome center called the Gateway. The Greenway Gateway employs a variety of passive and active sustainable systems that aim to drastically reduce energy consumption, improve thermal comfort, conserve water, and improve indoor air quality. The Gateway’s sustainability initiatives serve to engage, educate, and inspire future generations while driving leadership in environmental conservation and stewardships. Because of all of this, they were constantly looking for new ways to add environmentally friendly upgrades, which caused them to investigate energy alternatives like solar.

The RENU Solution


This investigation led them in the direction of Renu Energy Solutions. After getting into contact with Renu’s experienced team members, they discovered that their facility would be able to support a solar system, and they committed to the project. It was decided that they could install a 22.11 KiloWatt system, which allows them to have the greatest environmental and economic impact possible. 

Even though the main goal of this project was to benefit the environment, the Greenway will also be able to save a substantial amount of money from their monthly utility costs. This will allow them to put those saving into other endeavours that will be of greater use to them.

The system will produce around 26,400kWh annually offsetting 41,151 pounds of carbon dioxide.