Summer In The South

Anyone who lives in the south east knows what Summertime means. Months of warm weather, beach trips, and outdoor events are on the horizon for us to enjoy. With these months comes humidity, rain, and frequent storms that can leave your home or business without power. For many homeowners and business owners, they have to wait until their local energy utility company provides service to bring power back on. The combination of PV solar systems and energy storage units make for a building that can persevere through storms, even when other buildings nearby can’t.

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PV Solar Systems

PV Solar Systems have a multitude of perks. These solar systems not only save you money down the road, but they also produce carbon offset since solar energy is a renewable resource. Along with saving money and the environment, utilizing a PV solar system gains you independence from energy providers because the energy is provided by your solar system. In the case of an outage due to inclement weather, your PV solar system will be shut off to protect the utility grid. Shutting down the utility grid protects the electricians from receiving electricity while working on the utility grid. With that being said, the only true way to keep your home powered with solar when storms roll in is by pairing your system with an energy storage unit.

Energy Storage

With an energy storage unit, your building’s power security increases along with energy independence. When energy storage units are paired with a PV solar system, excess energy that doesn’t get utilized is stored in the unit for when it’s needed most. Instead of having the energy from your system’s inverter going to your building’s main grid, a backup grip from your energy storage unit comes online to power your home. This process happens so quickly that you won’t even know you lost power! Customers may even pair multiple energy storage units to their solar system, allowing them to increase storage capacity to their liking. Energy storage units are the most proactive approach a solar customer can take when preparing for storms and hurricanes.

In Conclusion 

If you’ve lived a summer in the south, you know exactly what hurricane season means. Damages and flooding are common results from these severe storms, and they often leave many buildings without power for up to days or weeks at a time. Rooms are hot, candles need to be lit, and that fridge full of fresh produce needs to be tossed! Investing in a PV solar system with the addition of an energy storage unit is arguably the most proactive approach you can take to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. Click the link here to learn more about pairing an energy storage unit with a PV solar system.