Most Expensive Running Appliances Ranked 

High Energy Bills

Within the past year, energy bills have skyrocketed to a record high, leaving many struggling to make ends meet. Each appliance in a home contributes to the monthly bill as energy is pulled from the grid to supply each appliance. Without a PV solar system producing energy for the home, appliances rely solely on the utility grid for power. Here are some of the most expensive running appliances ranked lowest to highest.

5. Refrigerator + Freezer – $5.10 per month (24/7) 

4. Washing Machine – $5.40 per month (family of 4)

3. Tumble Dryer – $7.20 per month (family of 4)

2. Electric Heater – $9.00 per month (2 hours/day)

1. Air Conditioner – $73.80 per month (2 hours/day)

Cutting Down Costs

When each appliance requires a certain amount of energy to run, a customer’s energy bill adds up quickly. Customers in the south pay an average of $885.60 a year on their air conditioning unit alone. Sure there are other ways to cut down on an energy bill like using appliances at off peak times or using cold water for laundry, but installing a PV solar system with energy storage is the best step a customer takes to conserve energy and take control of rising energy costs.

Take Control

Producing energy with solar rather than relying on the utility grid cuts costs for each appliance.If a customer has goals of cutting down their electricity bill, a solar energy consultant will help design a system that produces enough energy to offset the amount of energy pulled from the grid. The only fee this kind of customer expects is the meter connection fee. With PV and energy storage, customers control where their energy gets used. For example, customers can store energy being sent to a washer that isn’t in use. Stored energy can be saved to use in emergencies or send back to the utility company for credits.

Learn More

One thing all homeowners have in common is their need for powered appliances. Rising costs make monthly bills more daunting, but a PV solar system with energy storage relieves the stress of paying high energy bills. To learn more about installing a PV solar system with energy storage, click the link here!