System Monitoring: It’s Necessary! 

System monitoring is crucial for understanding and maximizing the production of your solar energy system. By monitoring your system, you gain valuable information about the output of your solar panels, panel performance throughout different seasons, hardware defects, and energy consumption. This information helps you identify and troubleshoot any issues with your system, as well as determine the most productive hours of the day.

Intro To Inverters

To begin monitoring your solar energy system, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your system’s inverter. The inverter plays a key role in converting the direct current (DC) energy generated by the sun into alternating current (AC) energy that can be used in your home. Additionally, inverters track panel health and can indicate if any panels require maintenance due to substandard production.

There are several reputable inverter manufacturers in the market, such as Enphase, SolarEdge, and Tesla. Each of these manufacturers provides their own monitoring app: the Enphase Installer Portal, mySolarEdge app, and Tesla app, respectively. These apps allow you to access real-time data about your system’s performance, including energy production, panel health, and maintenance alerts

Energy Optimization Strategies

By closely monitoring your energy usage, you can identify the peak hours of production and the periods when your appliances consume the most energy. This information is especially useful if you have an electric vehicle charger connected to the internet. With system monitoring software, you can determine the peak energy hours and schedule your vehicle to charge during those times, maximizing the use of solar energy.

Another benefit of system monitoring is the ability to optimize your energy usage and combat your utility company’s Time-Of-Use (TOU) billing policy. TOU billing charges higher rates for electricity during the most popular hours of the day, typically in the afternoon and evening. By knowing these expensive hours, you can strategically plan to charge your electric vehicle and energy storage units during the cheapest hours, reducing your overall electricity costs.

Maintaining Your Solar Investment 

Regularly checking your solar system’s monitoring data allows you to maintain your investment effectively. Pay attention to module health and energy production history. If you notice that some panels are underperforming or your system is not producing as much energy as expected, it may be time for maintenance. Our friends at Sun Service Specialists can help troubleshoot any issues with your solar energy system and provide appropriate solutions to ensure optimal performance.

In summary, system monitoring provides valuable insights into your solar energy system’s production, panel health, and energy consumption. By understanding your system’s monitoring data, you can optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and maintain the performance of your solar investment.