Charlotte cosmetic surgery practice gets a solar lift

Charlotte cosmetic surgery practice gets a solar lift

Renu Energy Solutions completes installation for Capizzi MD

Renu Energy Solutions, also Charlotte-based, completed the solar system installation for Capizzi MD in March. It is located on the rooftop of the building and won’t be visible from any public spaces. It’s estimated the solar energy system will produce over 40,400 kiloWatt-hours of energy in the first year, reducing greenhouse gas pollution by the same amount as growing 780 tree seedlings for 10 years, by E.P.A. calculations. In its first 30 years of operation, the system will save over $250,000 in electricity costs.

“Solar has been on my radar for some time. It was my discussions with my son Seth, who is interested in sustainable resources and renewable energy, as well as a friend in Santa Barbara who went solar, that flipped the switch for me,” said Dr. Peter Capizzi.

The medical practice, which performs procedures for face, body, and breasts as well as popular non-surgical treatments, made use of incentives that encourage investment in solar. These include applying for a rebate for customers of Duke Energy Carolinas, a federal tax credit and a utility program called net energy metering, whereby utility customers with solar receive credit for any extra power they produce and send it to the grid.

Dr. Capizzi is proud to be part of the clean energy movement in the Carolinas, adding: “Growing up in New Hampshire taught me the benefits of having alternatives to fossil fuels for power and heating. These included hydroelectricity, nuclear, woodstoves in the house, and even in the early 1980s, we had a friend utilizing wind as well.”

Capizzi MD views its environmental commitment as an extension of a responsible, community-oriented approach. The practice also gives back through its charitable arm, the Capizzi MD Foundation, whose beneficiaries include Safe Alliance, supporting victims of domestic abuse. 

About the Customer

Capizzi MD is located in Dilworth at 900 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203. To learn more about Dr. Capizzi and the Capizzi MD practice, visit, and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlotte-based Renu Energy launches Triad location

Charlotte-based Renu Energy launches Triad location

Solar in Jamestown Now Available with Renu Energy Solutions’ New Office

October 24, 2017 – JAMESTOWN, NC – A North Carolina-based solar energy installer will now provide in-person service for new customers looking to go solar in Jamestown. Renu Energy Solutions, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Charlotte, is opening a Jamestown office to be a resource for those seeking solutions to harness proven technology to reduce energy costs.

Solar energy is still on the rise in North Carolina; the state ranks second in the nation in installed solar power, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. As Renu Energy’s reach has extended out from the company’s home-base in Charlotte, its representatives picked up on a receptive area around Jamestown, a vibrant region that boasts a rich history and a thriving small business community. With a Jamestown location, Renu Energy staff will now be better able to respond to solar inquiries from customers in the Triad, and will contribute to a new wave of thriving economic activity.

Will Grant is a Jamestown resident and one of Renu Energy Solutions’ energy consultants who will discuss solar energy options with area business people and homeowners at the new location. Will says of the expansion,

“It’s great that Renu Energy is prioritizing outreach farther north right now. There’s interest in affordable, powerful options to produce energy. It’s more widely understood now that utilities credit customers for their solar and that real savings and sustainability benefits are possible.”

The Jamestown Business Association congratulated Renu Energy for its presence in the area, helping generate economic activity, and warmly welcomed the company which specifically picked this area as its northern outpost.

About Renu Energy Solutions

Renu Energy Solutions is a top full-service solar installer who will ensure your satisfaction from initial consultation to your install and beyond. Local to Charlotte, we service the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia regions, and are proud to offer solar in Jamestown as well. Renu has been providing solar solutions to customers since 2010 and we have performed over 900 energy-efficient systems installs. For more information about us please visit: or