How Much Does a Solar Panel Cost?

Costo De Paneles Solar

El promedio, cada panel residencial cuesta $250 sin instalacion, $1000 por cada panel solar recidencial instaldo totalmente. Este costo representa el promida tipico de un sistema solar con paneles residenciales o comerciales. El precio total incluye ingeniera, permiso o licensias requeridas, labor y todo el equipo y material necesario para poner ese sistema en servicio.


A full solar panel system comes in many sizes for both residential and commercial systems. Residential systems typically range from as little as 12 panels to even as high as 60 panels depending on a number of factors but primarily driven by how much energy that home consumes. A single commercial solar panel system could have over 1,000 panels and a solar farm may have over 10,000 panels.


For homeowners, a solar panel system is similar in costs to that of a car except that the solar panel system provides you tax credits and reduces your energy bills. Based upon each homeowner’s goals and specific home, Renu has helped thousands of customers determine the rights solar panel system for them. Please contact us for a free consultation.


Business owners have a wide range of commercial solar energy options that are primarily driven by the business owner’s goals and the current energy consumption of the business. Please reach out to our commercial team for a free consultation.

Why Renu Energy?

With over 4,000 solar installations, we are the leading solar panel and energy storage installer in the South East. 

We provide turn-key and customized solutions to both commercial and residential customers.

We provide free, no pressure solar consultations and we do not resell your information.  

Start your solar journey with Renu!

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