How Much Does a Solar Panel Cost?

Solar Panel Costs

On average, a typical single residential solar panel costs about $250 per panel uninstalled and ~$1,000 per residential solar panel fully installed.  This cost is representative of a typical solar panel seen on a residential home or commercial business.  The fully installed costs of a solar panel includes engineering, permitting, labor, and all equipment and materials to put that solar panel in service.


A full solar panel system comes in many sizes for both residential and commercial systems.  Residential systems typically range from as little as 12 panels to even as high as 60 panels depending on a number of factors but primarily driven by how much energy that home consumes.  A single commercial solar panel system could have over 1 thousand panels and a solar farm may have over 10,000 panels.


For homeowners, a solar panel system is similar in costs to that of a car except that the solar panel system provides you tax credits and reduces your energy bills.  Based upon each homeowner’s goals and specific home, Renu has helped thousands of customers determine the right solar panel system for them.   Please contact us for a free consultation.


Business owners have a wide range of commercial solar energy options that are primarily driven by the business owner’s goals and the current energy consumption of the business. Please reach out to our commercial team for a free consultation.

What Contributes to the Solar Panel Cost?

There is no set price for a solar system. It is not a one size fits all solution.  There are many factors to consider that contribute to the price of a solar system, such as  Price per watt varies depending on the quality of solar panels. Premium panels can climb above $3 per watt depending on their size, quality, and where they are manufactured. Our solar consultants will provide a customized quote based on your energy needs. 

Many of our customers across the Southeast have been able to take advantage of residential solar tax incentives. Regardless of where you live in 2022, the federal investment tax credit provides a 26% Federal tax credit based upon the total costs of our solar system, which has been extended through the end of the year!

Make the Switch to Residential Solar with Renu

Switching to solar energy is now more affordable and more accessible than ever! Renu Energy Solutions offers $0 down financing for available Solar PV Systems.

Renu understands that every family has a budget, energy goals, and different priorities, which is why Renu creates a customized plan for each homeowner’s solar needs. To learn more about the solar panel cost for your property, contact us for a consultation!

Why Renu?

  • Over 12 years in business and over 4,100 total installs
  • Top panels from trusted manufacturers with a 25-year warranty
  • No obligation consultation
  • A customized estimate of how you might benefit from federal, state, and utility-based incentives

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    Certified REC Installer of the Southeast

    Having completed over 4,500 installations and 12 years of solar customization experience, Renu is trusted as a Certified REC Installer. Choosing to install with Renu means customers will receive a turn-key solar experience from start to finish. 

    Whether you’re just beginning to research your solar options or you’re ready to install a system tomorrow, Renu will be your smart. reliable. solar partner from the first phone call to installation and system energization. 

    Start your solar journey with Renu!

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