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Going Solar for Schools and Daycare Centers is easy with Renu

Solar for schools and daycare centers is easier than you might think with Renu Energy Solutions. We aren’t just known for residential projects — we’re experts at installations for businesses and nonprofits, too. If your school has been thinking of converting to solar energy, there has never been a better time. 

Going solar is a natural fit for schools and other learning facilities because of the environmental commitment to the community as well as the ability to use your solar system as an educational tool for students. Solar energy is an increasingly popular and important renewable energy source, there is no better place to introduce and begin to educate people on its benefits than in schools. An added bonus – many schools have large, flat roofs that are perfect for solar panel installations!

Cutting costs with solar energy

Schools tend to rack up pretty high utility bills — they have to power large buildings and account for the energy used to operate machinery like full kitchens in cafeterias, computers in classrooms, adequate lighting throughout the facility, and heating and air conditioning to keep students and staff comfortable all year round. 

With all of these factors to think about, solar is a no-brainer. Utilizing renewable energy sources like solar will slash electricity bills and help your school to operate at peak efficiency without costing you a fortune.  

Solar for Schools is a Learning Experience

Not only will installing a solar system cut energy costs, it will also provide an experience for students to learn more about solar energy and instill the importance of sustainability. Of the over 5,000 schools in the United States that have gone solar, many have incorporated solar into their STEM programs to enrich their curriculum and provide hands-on renewable energy education. Solar monitoring platforms provide real-time data that lets students see and understand the factors associated with system production.

Going Solar for Schools Protects the Community

Schools are a beacon within their communities, oftentimes acting as the only thing that most of the community members have in common — they either attended themselves, have a child attending, or know someone attending. Because of this, they are one of the most important foundations of a neighborhood, district, town, etc. 

A school’s conversion to solar energy can have a huge impact on the entire community. Instead of using significant amounts of fossil fuels to operate, schools can produce their own power using the sun! By going solar, schools are reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their contribution to the area’s greenhouse gas emissions. In small towns and neighborhoods especially, a school might be one of the largest facilities in the area, and can make a big difference by converting to renewable energy!

LeafSpring School Solar Case Study

Renu Energy Solutions has worked with many local businesses and nonprofits over the last decade, but one of our favorite success stories is that of the LeafSpring School. LeafSpring School, a Charlotte-area preschool, demonstrated leadership in sustainability through its solar project and, by investing in solar the facility, is contributing to cleaner air for a healthier world. The system is estimated to save $4,000 in electricity costs in the first year by producing over 55,000 kiloWatt-hours of clean power.

To learn more about how this local school converted to solar energy, check out our case study.

Going Solar with Renu Energy Solutions

Is your school or daycare center ready to go solar? Contact Renu today for a free consultation and learn more about how you can convert to clean, sustainable energy. Making this change will not only save you money, but it will also show your business’ commitment to protecting your community’s environment by going green.

We’d love to help you on your solar journey — from start to finish!

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