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It’s easier than ever to go solar for doctor’s offices!

Solar for doctor’s offices is easier than you might think with Renu Energy Solutions. We aren’t just known for residential projects — we’re experts at installations for businesses, too. If your practice has been thinking of converting to solar energy, there has never been a better time. 

Going solar is a natural fit for the healthcare industry because, at its core, practitioners seek to care for their patients well and create a healthier, safer environment. In a similar way, solar is a tool for environmental stewardship and can help a practice reduce its carbon footprint. 

Cutting costs with solar energy

Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices are the fourth largest commercial building energy consumers in the nation, largely due to specialized medical equipment that requires significant amount of energy. MRI machines, X-ray machines, CT scanners, and filtration systems are just a few of the big consumers. 

In addition to this machinery, many medical facilities (hospitals, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms) are open 24/7. Can you imagine the utility bills that come with powering machines like this while also running HVAC systems and keeping the lights on around the clock?

Healthcare facilities can’t afford to take chances when it comes to powering their day to day operations because lives are on the line. For that reason, solar for doctor’s offices just makes sense — solar can ensure that everything is running at full capacity while not breaking the bank in the process. 

Does a primary care physician really need solar?

We thought you might ask this! While family medicine doctors may not be open 24/7 like hospitals and emergency clinics, they still require significant amounts of energy on a daily basis. Most offices still contain medical equipment that can rack up those monthly utility costs. 

Thanks to net metering, or being compensated for the extra energy you produce for the grid, your practice can save even more. Because most primary care physicians are closed on the weekends, the facilities are shut down for two days out of the week. However, just because the building is closed and the machines are shut down, doesn’t mean solar panels stop harnessing energy! The energy produced for those two days a week can help you save even more with net metering since it’s not being used to power machinery, light the building, run the computer systems, etc. 

Another benefit of solar for doctor’s offices? Many practices are owned by a physician or group of physicians, meaning they are paying for the space to rent and run their own business. Solar can slash those utility bills significantly, saving money for those paying to maintain the office and leave them to spend it on the most important thing — helping patients.

Commercial solar tax incentives for doctor’s offices

Many people don’t realize that a huge part of solar savings comes with commercial solar tax incentives that you are eligible for as a solar customer. The solar investment tax credit (ITC) allows solar customer to take 26 percent of the cot of their solar investment as a credit against their federal tax liability. The ITC applies to the complete costs of commercial solar systems, and there is no cap on its value (though the customer must have a tax liability to benefit from a tax credit).

Please note: at the end of 2020, the ITC goes down to 22% for solar systems purchase in 2021 and continues to decrease in the future years. 

Solar for Doctor’s Offices Case Study

One of Charlotte, NC’s top plastic surgery practices, Capizzi, MD, went solar with Renu Energy Solutions! 

Dr. Capizzi was concerned with rising energy costs and began to look into solar, which is how he found Renu and decided it was time to convert to clean, renewable energy. We installed a 30 kW system in his facility and he was able to save over $4,000 on utility costs in the first year!

To learn more about Dr. Capizzi and his practice’s solar success, check out our full case study on Capizzi, MD going solar

 Going Solar with Renu Energy Solutions

Is your practice ready to go solar? Contact Renu today for a free consultation and learn more about how you can convert to clean, sustainable energy. Making this change will not only save you money, but it will also show your business’ commitment to protecting your community’s environment by going green. 

We’d love to help you on your solar journey — from start to finish!


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