CASE STUDY: Capizzi, M.D.  


North Carolina

30 kW

System Size




Hanwha/QCell Q.PLUS L-G4.2 345 Panels

The Partner

Dr. Peter Capizzi, who is widely regarded as Charlotte’s top provider of plastic surgery, has made the decision to bring solar to his practice! Capizzi, M.D. is renowned for their unmatched standards of success and service among their patients. The true mission of Dr. Capizzi and his practice also shines through the Capizzi Foundation, which supports numerous local and national charities. 

The Challenge

Future increases in utility costs had been a concern for the practice, but what could lock in affordable energy? In 2017, Dr. Peter Capizzi began to take a closer look into incorporating renewable energy, specifically solar, at his cosmetic surgery practice. After noting that the cost of solar had come down in recent years, he decided to move ahead with a solar energy consultation to find out if it could be a good fit.

The RENU Solution

The practice soon learned that their building had a suitable roof for a 30 kW solar system and that it could provide financial and environmental returns.

Not only would the practice become more competitive by saving on monthly fixed costs without sacrificing quality care for their clients, but going solar also enabled the practice to use tax credits and other business tax strategies to accelerate the financial benefit of going solar – a federal tax credit would essentially pay for 30% of the project cost to the customer.

Dr. Capizzi is demonstrating environmental consciousness through solar. Within the first year using solar power, the practice will avoid over 65,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.