Solatube Daylighting Systems

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Solatube Daylighting Systems

Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to efficiently capture the sun’s rays and pipe them into your home. The result is brighter, more colorful rooms that cost nothing to light. And because installation can usually be done in about two hours with no structural changes, it’s the fastest and simplest solution to a more beautiful home. Solatube’s new Smart LED Combines Natural Light With LED to bring you efficient lighting day and night. This technology is presently qualified for a federal tax credit you may be able to take – please consult your tax professional to determine your eligibility for this incentive.


Efficient Natural Light

The Daylighting System utilizes revolutionary technology to redirect sunlight down a reflective shaft and diffuse it throughout your interior space. A typical Solatube system is 10-14” inches in diameter and brings in the equivalent of 300 – 500 watts of light. The compact and flexible design allows installation in any room, including rooms without direct roof access. A Solatube Daylighting System is a perfect product for: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hallways, Central Staircases, Walk In Closets, and Garages.




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How Solar Daylighting Works

Solatube Daylighting Systems use breakthrough optical technologies to pipe pure, natural light indoors. From sunup to sundown, daylight is harvested by Solatube’s patented rooftop dome and transferred to your home through the world’s most reflective tubing. Specially designed lenses then evenly disperse the sunlight throughout the room so you can see better, accomplish more, and live better.

Traditional skylights can take days to install. Solatube Daylighting Systems take just a fraction of a single day for our experienced technician crews, thanks to their patented fastening and tube telescoping system. Solatube’s angle adapters and extension tubing make it easy to skirt around rafters, joists, and other obstructions making for a quick, easy installation.

Some of the benefits of installing a Solatube Daylighting System – See more from Carolina Skylights

  • Brighten your home with all natural sunlight
  • Lower your electric cost (lighting can be up up to 10% of your electric bill)
  • No heat gain, unlike a traditional, old-style skylight
  • Reduces light that can fade delicate fabrics, rugs and art, while increasing early morning and evening light
  • Very little roof space used
  • 10 year warranty

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