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Say Yes to Solar Energy

Say Yes to Solar to save energy! Maybe we don’t usually think of the word “choice” when we think about our electric power. The default method of powering a home is to connect to the energy company that supplies electricity for a given area, in a one-way relationship where the utility supplies power and charges the customer, and the customer consumes power and pays the utility.

But can a homeowner gain more benefits by harnessing the power of renewable energy?

Today, the cost of solar has come down significantly and the opportunity for a household to take ownership of its power is more real than ever in the Carolinas. If you’re new to the concept, you may not know that customers typically take advantage of the following positive attributes:

  • The potential to take a 26% federal tax credit for those who qualify (see your accountant for details). Electric utility programs that repay the customer in bill credit or real dollars for excess solar produced utility rebates
  • Financing, including $0 down options power production guarantee in the contract, i.e. your installation will provide bill reductions equal to the projection in your proposal, made possible by advanced solar software
  • Product warranty – at Renu Energy Solutions we have 25 year warranty on modules
  • A friendly, collaborative experience with your representative that’s totally pressure-free

Energy doesn’t have to be costly and unclean

Every family’s budget, energy goals, and priorities are different. That’s why we create a custom plan to reduce each customer’s electric bill. We first start with a site survey and discuss your goals and financing options. Then we create a plan to reduce your electric bills permanently.

Power Your Home with Solar

Powering your own home is the first step to choosing your energy future. If you are tired of paying increasing utility bills or frustrated with being forced to buy energy from fossil fuel plants, then solar power enables you to take back control from your utility provider and save thousands in the future.

Renu Energy Solutions offers a combination of solar as well as energy storage through the Tesla Powerwall so that you can declare your independence from your power company.

How Solar Panels Work for Homes

  • Residential panels are designed to fit within a home’s existing roof space or landscape layout. Once installed, the systems immediately start working, collecting sunlight, and transforming it into usable electricity. To better understand the process, here’s an overview of how most residential solar systems work:
  • Solar panels for home consumers begin absorbing sunlight
  • Photovoltaic cells (PV) to convert sun rays into energy
  • Extra energy is either sent back to the grid with net metering or stored in storage batteries.

Customers are enjoying clean energy when they say yes to solar

Solar panels for home usage can eliminate utility bills, reduce carbon footprints, and are an excellent first step toward energy independence. Many Renu Energy Solutions customers see a return on investment within five to seven years, with some clients experiencing up to 50% returns in their first year of ownership!

Once clients partner with a reliable and knowledgeable solar power company like Renu Energy Solutions, residential customers find even greater benefits to going green.

As you can see, we get around and are willing to help property owners all over our region. That includes the cities, suburbs, and in the mountains.



    Frequently Asked Questions About Solar:

    How exactly does going solar and a solar system itself work?
    Solar energy begins with sunlight that hits the panels to produce energy that flows into your inverter, which converts the DC energy into Alternating Current (AC) electricity that can be used to power your home. This same energy is then consumed when powering your home’s light, appliances, gizmos, and gadgets. If you feel your home isn’t producing the energy that it needs, the utility will fill in the gaps. If you system produces more energy than needed, that energy will go to the grid and your utility will credit you for the unused power.
    How many solar panels do I need for my home?
    At Renu Energy Solutions we design our solar panel systems size based on three main factors. Roof-size/available space: When we look at the size of your roof and the space available, we gather data that tell us the maximum number of solar panels your home or site can hold and we even consider shading. We use a software “Suneye” which takes a 360 picture of your roof and we use this photo to determine if your home is a good candidate for solar. Energy Usage: When we determine energy usage we look at your past electrical bills from over the course of a year to make sure your system isn’t too big or too small. Your Budget: We take your budget seriously and most importantly, we want you to be satisfied with our services. We take your feedback on how much you want to spend so that we can size your system appropriately.
    What is solar net-metering?
    Net-metering is a type of utility policy that controls how your system is connected to the grid and how you are credited for the solar energy you produce.
    Does Duke Energy offer net-metering?
    Yes! Both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress territories in NC offer net-metering when your homes goes solar. If you are interested in net-metering, no worries. Our team will guide you through the process as certain utilities have a different application procedure.
    Curious about the cost of a home solar system?
    When our clients ask this question, we immediately tell Tham about the federal tax credit that comes with going solar. The Federal tax credit for going solar is 26% in 2020. For example, if the total cost of you system was $22,000, when you subtract 26% you are then left with a %16,280 solar system. There is not set price for a home going solar as there are many factors that contribute to the total cost. The price of a solar home can range from $10k to $100k based on the size of your roof, energy usage, aesthetic preferences, and of course, budget.

    PV Solar System

    Our PV Solar Systems are really, really great and they are priced perfectly and will immediately and fundamentally improve the quality of your life.

    Energy Storage

    Our PV Solar Systems are really, really great and they are priced perfectly and will immediately and fundamentally improve the quality of your life.

    EV Chargers

    Our PV Solar Systems are really, really great and they are priced perfectly and will immediately and fundamentally improve the quality of your life.

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