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Renu’s Solar Bill of Rights

Renu’s Solar Bill of Rights

Renu's Solar Bill of Rights As the Solar Industry continues to grow, companies of all sizes are finding different ways to reach their customers, design systems, and provide solar installation services. One thing all solar companies focus on is providing customers with...

Solar Federal Tax Credit 101

Solar Federal Tax Credit 101

Solar Tax Credit Eligibility  One of the main perks of investing in solar for the home are the federal tax credits customers receive. The solar tax credit decreases customers' federal income tax, and derives from a percentage of the cost of a complete solar...

Why Renu

Our customers have received millions of dollars in federal and state tax incentives over the years of Renu’s operation.

With so many incentives to save money on your solar installation, contact us today to see how much you could save with solar!

Renu has installed over 4,500 solar systems since 2010, and is an expert in the solar industry. Specializing in industry leading customer service, Renu is. a turn-key company. Whether you’re just beginning to research your solar options or you’re ready to install a system tomorrow, Renu will be your smart. reliable. solar partner from the first phone call to installation and system energization.

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