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Renu and Purple Heart Homes are happy to announce that we have calibrated in making renewable homes. Renu Energy Solutions is committed to pursuing opportunities to give back to the community. In 2018, we are collaborating with Purple Heart Homes on an upcoming new home construction, for which we are contributing a full-service solar energy installation for the homeowner. The solar energy system is planned at between 4 and 5 kiloWatts in order to offset a majority of electric utility bills.

angela-cherico-daughterThe solar home will be owned by Angela Cherico, an honorably discharged disabled veteran and mother of one. Angela became interested in serving in high school and soon joined the ROTC program, getting some experience in different branches for short spans of time. She enlisted in the Marines following graduation, and was on active duty 2002-2006.

After initially being stationed in Okinawa, Japan, specializing in Air Supply and Logistics, and a period of service at MC Air Station Miramar in San Diego, she then deployed twice to Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq.

Her tours involved exposure to burn-pits and after 4 years Angela’s honorable discharge came in 2006 as a result of neck and back injuries, breathing problems and PTSD.

She and her family are now in North Carolina where they can be closer to family, and outside of work Angela’s daughter consumes her attention. She still battles pain daily and has difficulty with PTSD. Angela says, “This means the world. My daughter and I will have two of the most important things: stability and security. Receiving this opportunity is humbling and truly amazing.”

Image credit Purple Heart Homes

As of July 2018, the home construction is underway and Renu Energy Solutions is already involved and coordinating with the team to ensure an ideal solar installation. The project partners hope to have the home – including the rooftop solar – completed by the end of the year.

Image Credit Purple Heart Homes

Image Credit Purple Heart Homes

Renu Energy Solutions appreciates Angela’s service and hopes to forge deeper connections and better understand the experience, sacrifice, and resilience of our neighbors who have given so much by serving in the armed forces. Sustaining our communities is close to our mission of providing sustainable energy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Solar for Your Home:

How exactly does going solar and a solar system itself work?
Solar energy begins with sunlight that hits the panels to produce energy that flows into your inverter, which converts the DC energy into Alternating Current (AC) electricity that can be used to power your home. This same energy is then consumed when powering your home’s light, appliances, gizmos, and gadgets. If you feel your home isn’t producing the energy that it needs, the utility will fill in the gaps. If you system produces more energy than needed, that energy will go to the grid and your utility will credit you for the unused power.
How many solar panels do I need for my home?
At Renu Energy Solutions we design our solar panel systems size based on three main factors.

Roof-size/available space: When we look at the size of your roof and the space available, we gather data that tell us the maximum number of solar panels your home or site can hold and we even consider shading. We use a software “Suneye” which takes a 360 picture of your roof and we use this photo to determine if your home is a good candidate for solar.

Energy Usage: When we determine energy usage we look at your past electrical bills from over the course of a year to make sure your system isn’t too big or too small.

Your Budget: We take your budget seriously and most importantly, we want you to be satisfied with our services. We take your feedback on how much you want to spend so that we can size your system appropriately.

What is solar net-metering?
Net-metering is a type of utility policy that controls how your system is connected to the grid and how you are credited for the solar energy you produce.
Does Duke Energy offer net-metering?
Yes! Both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress territories in NC offer net-metering when your homes goes solar. If you are interested in net-metering, no worries. Our team will guide you through the process as certain utilities have a different application procedure.
Curious about the cost of a home solar system?
When our clients ask this question, we immediately tell Tham about the federal tax credit that comes with going solar. The Federal tax credit for going solar is 26% in 2020. For example, if the total cost of you system was $22,000, when you subtract 26% you are then left with a %16,280 solar system. There is not set price for a home going solar as there are many factors that contribute to the total cost. The price of a solar home can range from $10k to $100k based on the size of your roof, energy usage, aesthetic preferences, and of course, budget.

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Home Solar System

The amount of electricity that a solar energy system will produce will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the home, system design, and much more. Ideally, a home with an unobstructed south-facing view will produce more than enough energy.



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