CASE STUDY: Southern Roots Garden Center


North Carolina

16.32 kW

System Size





The Partner

Southern Roots Garden Center is a plant nursery located in Belmont, NC. The owner, Thomas Joyner, his wife and their employees have a true love and passion for “people and plants” in their community-centered business.

The Challenge

Thomas Joyner had a strong desire to be able to generate “homegrown” energy at their facility. This makes sense because of the ecological focus with the industry they are a part of. So he reached out to Renu energy solutions to inquire about the possibility of adding solar at his location.

The RENU Solution

In collaboration with Renu’s team, they were able to draw up a layout to turn the perfect southern exposure into a lasting investment in renewable power. Joyner believed it was the right thing to do to demonstrate leadership and environmental responsibility. The business will now feature a 16.32 kW solar system that will greatly impact the environment and help lower utility bills. This will free up those funds, allowing them to put that money towards other endeavours. 

The project also became more attractive for the garden center when they were made aware of the 30% federal tax credit they could take advantage of. This made it significantly more affordable.

Customers have expressed their interest and admiration towards this commitment since being installed.  

Because this is a fairly large project, they will be able to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make a great impact on the environment