CASE STUDY: David’s Car Care


North Carolina

56 kW

System Size





The Partner

Family owned automotive repair facility, David’s Car Care, made the commitment to going solar in 2018! Their dedicated and experienced staff has a true passion for providing the highest quality of care for customers. Offering a wide range of services,  they ensure that you will be able to find the help that you need when you visit them. Their commitment to service and sustainability makes them stand out against their competitors.

The Challenge

There are so many components that go into running a successful independent business. Constantly increasing utility costs present an inconvenient and frustrating challenge with no benefits. In an effort to eliminate this obstacle, owners of David’s Car Care wanted to search for an alternative that would provide them with security. 


After discovering solar, they learned that they could not only benefit financially but also ecologically by reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their emissions. These advantages sparked their interest and led them to solar energy company, Renu Energy Solutions, who began informing the owners about the solar process.

The RENU Solution

Renu’s highly trained team explored the business’s facility and was able to confirm that the building had optimal space for a 56 kW system. The large and flat roof is not obstructed by any trees that would cause excessive shading, this allows for the system to be incredibly efficient and have a high rate of production. 

David’s Car Care also decided to partner with Renu Energy Solutions due to the fact that they are both independent local businesses. They believed that it was important to support each other in the spirit of the “buy local” mindset.

The array will produce 77,000kWh annually and offset 120,000 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 71 acres of U.S. forest area or 135,092 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle.