CASE STUDY: B&M Lee Oil Company


North Carolina

38 kW

System Size




Q-Plus L. G4.2 345 PANELS

The Partner

B&M Lee Oil Company, located in Wadesboro North Carolina, has made the commitment to going solar! They are a local oil and gas wholesaler and manufacturer that has made their commitment to their customers and the environment quite clear through this move.

The Challenge

Just like the case with so many businesses and individuals, energy prices appear to constantly rise and change with little warning. This can be incredibly inconvenient and costly for people especially when looking at the big picture. So in an effort to take control of their situation, B&M Lee Oil Company looked for some kind of alternative that would provide them with consistency. They discovered that one of the most cost effective routes they could take, would be to look into solar energy.

The RENU Solution

Owners of the company got into contact with Renu Energy Solutions, and began exploring the possibility of installing some kind of solar array onto their facility in hopes of accomplishing their goals of saving money, while also benefiting the environment. Members of Renu’s experienced team assessed the area and told them that they would be able to develop a 38 kW system, which would maximize their investment. After much thought, they decided to move forward with the project.

With the system producing 38,005 kWh annually,  they will be offsetting 59,241 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This equates to the amount of carbon sequestered by 35 acres of U.S. forests, and 66,678 miles driven by a passenger vehicle.