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We’ve provided a FAQ solar list for customers seeking support related to their solar energy systems. Take a look and see if your problem can be solved!

Customer Support #1: How to restore a lost connection for a SunPower solar energy system

Renu Energy Solutions stands by the solar energy products we install. We understand that you expect your system to be durable and perform according to the industry standards.

Your solar monitoring system is there to help you verify and measure your solar production. As your installer, Renu Energy Solutions is also able to view your monitoring details. Our in-office team receives alerts about your system, and we can maintain communication with you and SunPower.

Its possible for the monitoring system to get disconnected. In other cases, the equipment may be malfunctioning.

If your monitoring system becomes disconnected, SunPower and Renu Energy Solutions can’t track your production. The database won’t be receiving any transmissions from your home or business. The good news is that your solar system is most likely operating normally. However, to be sure you’ll have to restore your connection and update your energy charts with any missing information.

(Fortunately your monitoring system can hold onto data for 60 days).

  • Please perform a visual check of your inverter to ensure that your solar system is working.
  • Take a look at your inverter’s light – it should be solid green.

Then follow these steps to troubleshoot your monitoring system:

1. Check your Internet connection.
Make sure you can get online at home using your internet network. If you can’t get online at home, disconnect your router cables and reconnect after 10 seconds. Wait 15 minutes, refresh your browser, and sign into SunPower Monitoring Website. If you still can’t get online, please contact your Internet service provider (such as AT&T etc..).

2. Check the SunPower Ethernet Adaptor connections.
If you have a SunPower Ethernet Adapter located near your router, please make sure that:

  • It’s plugged directly into a wall outlet (not a power strip or a surge protector).
  • It’s connected to your router by an Ethernet cable and the connections are secure.
  • All three lights are lit (either solid or blinking).
  • The Green lights on the Ethernet adaptor confirm they are working properly.

3. Return to the Monitoring Site.
Wait 15 minutes, refresh your browser, and sign into SunPower Monitoring Website. If you still can’t see your energy information, please call us at (704) 525-6767 and if necessary we’ll start a service ticket with SunPower.

Here’s how to reset your SolarEdge inverter, in a friendly video:

Customer Support #2: How to read your bill with solar

This section is being edited, check back soon! Call (704) 525-6767 for a bill review – or look at this handy print-out guide for more FAQ solar info!

Customer Support #3: Does my system store energy? How to be ready for a grid outage

Unless you’ve separately purchased an energy storage/home battery installation, your solar won’t be storing power.

Customer Support #4: What happens to my solar power at night?

Solar power is magnificent, but still only produces power during the day, when the sun is in the sky in your part of the world.

Customer Support #5: Does going solar mean I have unlimited hot water?

Your solar electric system produces electricity, not hot water. Ask your solar consultant or any representative of your solar installer about on-demand hot water if that’s something you need. While we do not specialize in residential solar hot water at this time, for some kinds of hot water users including food service and hospitality, it may be recommended on its own or with solar energy!

Customer Support #6: Why is it important to avoid shading

Shade is the enemy of solar. Any shadows cast by other buildings, trees, beanstalks, mountains, or monsters will impact the power – and the value – you derive from your solar system. Careful surveying and assessment of your solar location will help make sure that your rooftop or field is an appropriate place for a solar system that will provide power to your satisfaction.

Customer Support #7: How can I tell if my SunPower solar energy system is producing as intended?

Your SunPower inverter will display a solid green light when it’s working properly according to specs. You can verify your system is producing energy by checking the production levels right on the inverter screen.

Another way to check your system’s energy production is by signing onto the SunPower Monitoring System website or the free SunPower Monitoring mobile app for your smartphone if you have it.

If you need help signing on or figuring out how to set-up your app, check out these helpful links:

You can also refer to your electric utility bill and compare the kWh consumed during your billing period with what you would expect. Keep in mind if you’re using more energy than usual to power appliances and devices in your home, it can affect whether your solar offsets most of your bill or not. A cold snap or heat wave that causes your HVAC to work harder can drive above-average energy demand. A little attentiveness to avoiding wasted energy can help make sure your solar goes as far as possible to reduce your bills.

 FAQ Solar Energy Submissions

If you have more questions that weren’t covered in our FAQ Solar list, or have questions that you think should be added to our site, feel free to contact us at (704)525-6767.


Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Energy Systems:

How exactly does going solar and a solar system itself work?
Solar energy begins with sunlight that hits the panels to produce energy that flows into your inverter, which converts the DC energy into Alternating Current (AC) electricity that can be used to power your home. This same energy is then consumed when powering your home’s light, appliances, gizmos, and gadgets. If you feel your home isn’t producing the energy that it needs, the utility will fill in the gaps. If you system produces more energy than needed, that energy will go to the grid and your utility will credit you for the unused power.
How many solar panels do I need for my home?
At Renu Energy Solutions we design our solar panel systems size based on three main factors.

Roof-size/available space: When we look at the size of your roof and the space available, we gather data that tell us the maximum number of solar panels your home or site can hold and we even consider shading. We use a software “Suneye” which takes a 360 picture of your roof and we use this photo to determine if your home is a good candidate for solar.

Energy Usage: When we determine energy usage we look at your past electrical bills from over the course of a year to make sure your system isn’t too big or too small.

Your Budget: We take your budget seriously and most importantly, we want you to be satisfied with our services. We take your feedback on how much you want to spend so that we can size your system appropriately.

What is solar net-metering?
Net-metering is a type of utility policy that controls how your system is connected to the grid and how you are credited for the solar energy you produce.
Does Duke Energy offer net-metering?
Yes! Both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress territories in NC offer net-metering when your homes goes solar. If you are interested in net-metering, no worries. Our team will guide you through the process as certain utilities have a different application procedure.
Curious about the cost of a home solar system?
When our clients ask this question, we immediately tell Tham about the federal tax credit that comes with going solar. The Federal tax credit for going solar is 26% in 2020. For example, if the total cost of you system was $22,000, when you subtract 26% you are then left with a %16,280 solar system. There is not set price for a home going solar as there are many factors that contribute to the total cost. The price of a solar home can range from $10k to $100k based on the size of your roof, energy usage, aesthetic preferences, and of course, budget.

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