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Renu has been partnered with Tesla for nearly 5 years as a certified installer, bringing to market installations of their EV chargers, Powerwall 2 energy storage systems, and their traditional solar panels. We’re proud to be able to include the latest and greatest Tesla has to offer with the Solar Roof tiles!

Introducing the Tesla Solar Roof

A beacon of innovation, Tesla is no stranger to creating inventions that remind us that the future is now, and while cars that drive themselves sure are impressive, our favorite of the tech giant’s latest developments is the Tesla Solar Roof. As a solar company that is always excited about advancements in our industry, we’re thrilled about the potential! 

What is the Tesla Solar Roof?

So what is it, exactly? Instead of installing solar panels on your roof, your roof will be the solar panels! Tesla has designed shingles that have the power to harness the sun’s energy just like panels would, and they flawlessly integrate into your roof’s surface so that they don’t alter the appearance of your home. There are both passive and active shingles; the former being installed on areas of the roof that don’t get much sunlight, while the latter are placed in optimal areas for absorbing the sun’s rays. They are also available in four different styles to accommodate several housing styles and find one that best fits your home’s look.

This system is a combination of active solar tiles and inactive tiles which creates a sleek, integrated solar system that you wouldn’t even know is there. It’s a beautiful thing and true to the mission of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.

Tesla Solar Roof Specs

  • 25 Year Tile & Power Warranty
  • 72 W Solar Glass Tiles
  • Corrosion & Weather Resistant
  • Class F Wind Rating (Highest Rating)
  • Class A Fire Rating (Highest Rating)
  • Class 3 Hail Rating

Common Questions For Tesla Solar Roof

Why should I get a Tesla Solar Roof instead of regular solar panels?

To put it simply: it’s more bang for your buck. You get all the benefits of going solar, PLUS a brand new roof that will give your home a sleek, updated look. If you already need a new roof, this is like killing two birds with one stone!

Is the Tesla Solar Roof durable?

Built with tempered glass, it is more than capable of withstanding the test of time and the elements. The shingles are guaranteed to last at least 25 years, can stand winds of up to 166 miles per hour, and have a Class A UL 790 fire rating (the highest fire rating), ensuring the durability of your roof

Will the shingles match my home's architectural style?

Yes! To accommodate several different home architectural styles, Tesla is offering four different shingle types: smooth glass, textured glass, slate glass, and tuscan glass.

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