Spotlight on a Solar Pro: Logan Peterson

Spotlight on a Solar Pro: Logan Peterson

This spotlight on a Solar Pro is Logan Peterson. “I get to help people feel like they are contributing to bettering the planet through green energy,” says Logan Peterson. He’s the future of the solar energy workforce and he’s already become indispensable at Renu Energy Solutions in his role as an intern in our operations department.

Logan comes from Corvallis, Oregon and this year he’ll finish out his undergrad at UNC Charlotte. A former avid basketballer – it was pretty much his life from when he was born until his first year of college, he says – he has long seem himself in jobs where he does good while working hard. He previously worked at Habitat for Humanity Charlotte and had volunteered with Quetzaltrekkers Xela, which helps kids by funding schools and homes through the proceeds from volcano-hiking adventure travel trips. He’s also been active with SUWS of the Carolinas, an outdoor program that treats teens struggling with drug addiction.

Why did he want to work with Renu? Logan explains he is interested in renewable energy, like most of his generation he supports clean wind and solar power and wants to see pollution-free energy grow dramatically. He sees a chance to gain experience in the solar industry and strongly wants to be involved in the spread of this technology.

A day in the life of Logan the solar operations intern

It’s early mornings for Logan – he often rises before the sun to meet with the technicians that make up Renu’s installation crew to keep communication close and allow him to be of more assistance to them.

He feels at his best, he says, when talking through and solving problems. Solar retrofits on existing buildings can be complex – aging homes with funny wiring or crowded main breaker boxes, permitting and utility challenges, and intricate choreography of materials and equipment orders, to name a few. He’s proud to be part of a team that tackles a lot of these complexities and is always getting tighter and more capable. He says he loves when he’s interacting with co-workers and functioning as part of the team.

Connecting the dots and seeing the big picture

“As energy demand grows worldwide, I feel like it is important to find more sustainable ways for society to function without doing irreversible harm to our environment,” Logan reflects. It’s essential that we take advantage of the potential for sustainable energy to end reliance on other less environmentally friendly energy forms. He talks as though he wouldn’t want to be around a lot of people who are just trying to make a buck and don’t care about the community – he’s glad to be part of a company that he says employs people who seem to value the lifestyle and product they are selling and installing.

He says he’s also noticed that everyone at Renu seems to care about happiness and satisfaction of clients after their install has happened – he notes, even after their final payment has gone through! He thinks he’s got some security in his position – as prices go down, he sees residential solar booming in the area. That means more people are feeling the benefit of owning their energy, which he’s pleased about. Who knows what’s on the horizon, but he says he’s excited to stick around as technology progresses and printable solar panels might be an exciting thing to see, with a lower manufacturing cost.

He still loves traveling to places where he can go climbing mountains and volcanoes on long backpacking trips, as well as watching and playing sports and continuing to volunteer at Habitat. We salute you, Logan, and thanks for all your work!

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