Solar Warehouse Case Study

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Solar Warehouse Case Study

LR Wholesale faced a problem: Electric costs were already hitting the business hard, and looming rate increases were troubling. The owner of the business had a vision for investing in their own power.

The solar proposition for a warehouse

The owner found Renu Energy Solutions and consulted with their experienced staff about this ambitious dream to go solar. Renu then drew up a plan and began the process of bringing the project to fruition, in close dialog with the customer.

The business owner learned that a 295 kW solar system would be suitable for offsetting utility bills, and there was going to be ample roof space available for an installation of this size. Federal incentives including a tax credit helped the project generate savings right away.

solar warehouse install imageAt that point the case was compelling, and LR Wholesale committed to go solar.

Project details and benefits

LR Wholesale’s solar system saved an estimated $23,800 in the first year of operation and allowed them to cut their grid energy usage and thereby reduce air pollution equivalent to removing 45 cars from the road for a year. Solar is projected to save LR Wholesale hundreds of thousands of dollars over the 40-year lifetime of the system, enhancing their financials.

For a large energy user, solar can be an especially wise investment: the customer dramatically cut use of grid power, saving demand charges and even relieving grid congestion.



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