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Known for its friendly, vibrant prosperous town where history and creativity build an enduring, safe and healthy community for people of all ages to live, learn, work, play or grow a business; Waxhaw is a perfect place for renewable energy. Renu Energy Solutions has been happily performing high-level solar energy installations in the Waxhaw area since 2010.

Can you go solar? The opportunity for solar in Waxhaw is excellent

Drone-front-of-house-greer-scBecoming energy-efficient can be made easy with a solar energy system. Traditional energy providers rely on continually changing energy markets. Typically, these costs are passed down to you as unpredictable electrical bills. That’s why you should consider a solar energy system from Renu Energy Solutions. Utilizing the energy from the sun with your very own solar panels… With solar power and your very own solar panels, you can enjoy energy autonomy. 

Simply contact us to arrange your free solar energy consultation! Our expert energy consultants are here to guide you through the entire process from start to finish in your solar panel installation with fantastic customer service! We will create a custom plan that fits your solar needs and will cater to your schedule by having the consultation in-home or over the phone at your earliest convenience.

You have had great options for quality products. Renu Energy Solutions delivers these solar panels and other components as part of a full-service, custom solar energy system. Each custom installation is carefully tailored to meet the customer’s energy needs and goals and get as close as possible to the best utility power offset for that building. The only way to know your solar potential is a no-obligation consultation!

Customers enjoying high quality clean, solar energy.

Solar panels for home usage can eliminate utility bills, reduce carbon footprints, and are an excellent first step toward energy independence. Many Renu Energy Solutions customers see a return on investment within five to seven years, with some clients experiencing up to 50% returns in their first year of ownership!

Saving money with solar is simple. We’ll make sure you grasp everything that goes into determining the best solar proposal for you.

We strive to take the jargon and technical mumbo jumbo out of it. Let us focus on helping you understand the benefits of going solar. Let us help you on the way toward energy independence and sustainability when you own a solar electric system that will produce a large share of your power from a clean resource for years to come.

Once clients partner with a reliable and knowledgeable solar power company like Renu Energy Solutions, residential solar customers find even greater benefits to going green.


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  • Your family, as well as our employee’s safety is our number #1 priority here at Renu. As an “essential business’ we are able to support your solar energy needs on a day to day basis. We offer ‘no contact solar’ service, installations, consultations and live web chat, so that you are able to reach and interact with all of our teams safely.
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