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July 2022 Duke NC Rebate

As Duke NC Energy customers approach July, they can look forward to the rebate lottery that’s coming up at the beginning of the month. Homeowners that utilize PV solar systems and use Duke Energy as their utility company can submit an application for a rebate based on a customer’s inverter size. Once approved, applicants are put in a lottery pool where project’s are picked at random. In order to submit an application, homeowners should prepare by gathering the described information listed below.


What To Prepare

Homeowners should be prepared with their Project ID, Service Address, Inverter Size, and installer information beginning on July 6th at 9am. The July 2022 lottery will be open until 9am on July 11th, after this point, new submissions will no longer be accepted until they pull projects for the accepted/waitlist categories. Submissions will be done through Duke’s rebate site. Once those categories are announced at the end of the month, (usually by the last Friday), homeowners can apply for the waitlist or continue to apply for the program if remaining capacity happens to be available.

Projects that are accepted must be completed and have received the ‘permission to energize’ email from Duke by Dec 15th. So homeowners of newly constructed homes should be aware of that deadline unless they want to apply early for next January.
Eligible projects for submission either need to have had their meter swapped (not permission to energize, but the physical swap or reprogram date) no earlier than April 7th OR still have an open project that has either not been installed at all and is at some point in the review/meter swap phase. So projects that are brand new still can apply as long as they have an open project number with Duke, even if later revisions are needed on the project.


Rebate Values

The values for July 2022 are the same as January. Residential accounts receive up to $4000 max with a 10kW-AC inverter at $0.40/W, Commercial/Small Generating Service accounts receive up to $30,000 with a 100kW-AC max at $0.30/W, and Non-profit up to $75,000 with a 100kW-AC max at $0.75/W. 

What To Expect If Waitlisted 

If a project is waitlisted it will either move off the waitlist during the next 6 months OR after Dec 15th, when projects that are still not completed are kicked from the capacity reserved list any project that is completed with permission to operate on the waitlist will be reviewed in order to see if it can receive the rebate.  

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