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With its long history, Walnut Cove has become a town where everybody is your neighbor. With streets named after traditional renewable energy like Windmill Street, Walnut Cove is a perfect place for solar energy. Instead of paying high energy bills every month for decades to come, investing in affordable solar power you can own your energy.

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Solar panels for your home or business in Walnut Cove

An active federal tax credit and utility incentives help make solar even more accessible and a great way for qualified customers to address out-of-control utility bills and regain autonomy and self-determination for their energy. As electric rates rise over time, the customer can rely on the locked-in value of clean, renewable energy from their solar installation.

Traditional utilities rely on continually changing energy markets. Sadly, that cost is passed down to homeowners as unpredictable electrical bills. That’s why you should consider a solar energy system from Renu Energy Solutions. With solar power and your very own solar panels, you can enjoy energy autonomy.  

Simply contact us to arrange your free solar energy consultation! Our expert energy consultants are here to guide you through the entire process from start to finish in your solar panel installation with fantastic customer service! We will create a custom plan that fits your solar needs and will cater to your schedule by having the consultation in-home or over the phone at your earliest convenience.

How can you know if your location and energy profile makes you a suitable candidate for a solar purchase?

Renu Energy Solutions offers a no-obligation consultation including a detailed possible layout and complete solar energy proposal, to answer many of your questions and determine how much you can save over time with solar. Reach out to us with questions – and then come to us for a no-obligation solar consultation at no cost to you to learn your potential.

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Switching to solar energy is now more affordable and more accessible than ever! Renu Energy Solutions offers $0 down financing in available Solar PV Systems.


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  • Your family, as well as our employee’s safety is our number #1 priority here at Renu. As an “essential business’ we are able to support your solar energy needs on a day to day basis. We offer ‘no contact solar’ service, installations, consultations and live web chat, so that you are able to reach and interact with all of our teams safely.
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