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Energy Storage has been very important to Renu since our founding in 2010. Renu Energy Solutions has been committed to working with consumers in the Carolinas to meet their energy goals, and that includes battery backup.

In recent years, the price of residential solar has dropped dramatically, putting household-scale clean energy within reach of more homeowners. Innovation has moved at a rapid pace addressing customers’ needs for storing solar energy, and our partnership with sonnen Batterie brings residents in our area a fantastic option.

With these new products, customers will achieve a greater degree of control and autonomy as to how they use the energy they produce. Add an electric vehicle, programmable household appliances, climate control thermostat, and real-time web portal for monitoring and you have a recipe to make your home the most intelligent, self-sufficient, resilient home on your street.

Battery or Generator? Know Your Options and Decide For Yourself

Some homeowners find solar energy especially attractive because it can provide a source of energy to fall back on if the grid goes down; however, for safety reasons, it is necessary here in the Carolinas to pair your solar with battery storage in order to use your solar energy during a utility outage.

Residential solar tax incentives have been a major support for our customers in North and South Carolina. Regardless of where you live in 2021, the federal investment tax credit provides a 26% Federal tax credit based upon the total costs of our solar system. After 2022, the 26% Federal tax credit decreases to 22% in 2023.

If you already own a propane or diesel generator, you already have a backup energy source should the lights go out. An energy storage product, like the sonnenBatterie or Tesla Power Wall, represents an alternative to gas-powered generation to provide power for critical purposes in an emergency, like refrigeration to chill medications and keep food fresh, or running medical devices or wifi.

Energy Storage for Time-of-Use Utility Customers

There are also situations in which sophisticated new batteries can save you money. A customer on a time-of-use electric rate schedule will start to notice that there are certain periods of the day when using energy from the grid it is much cheaper or much more expensive.

Ordinarily, this would force the customer to adapt their behavior to use less energy when it is priced higher, for example waiting until night time to run the dishwasher or clothes dryer. New home batteries can automatically store the energy from your solar array for use at expensive peak pricing times.

Questions? Call Now and Schedule a Consultation

Renu’s experienced energy consultants are glad to help you navigate the new world of energy storage and make sure you make the right decision for your budget, your needs, and your preferences. Call 704-525-6767 to get started, and be confident that we’re on your side: Reliable and cost-effective clean energy for the customer is always our goal.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Solar for Your Home:

    How exactly does going solar and a solar system itself work?
    Solar energy begins with sunlight that hits the panels to produce energy that flows into your inverter, which converts the DC energy into Alternating Current (AC) electricity that can be used to power your home. This same energy is then consumed when powering your home’s light, appliances, gizmos, and gadgets. If you feel your home isn’t producing the energy that it needs, the utility will fill in the gaps. If you system produces more energy than needed, that energy will go to the grid and your utility will credit you for the unused power.
    How many solar panels do I need for my home?
    At Renu Energy Solutions we design our solar panel systems size based on three main factors.

    Roof-size/available space: When we look at the size of your roof and the space available, we gather data that tell us the maximum number of solar panels your home or site can hold and we even consider shading. We use a software “Suneye” which takes a 360 picture of your roof and we use this photo to determine if your home is a good candidate for solar.

    Energy Usage: When we determine energy usage we look at your past electrical bills from over the course of a year to make sure your system isn’t too big or too small.

    Your Budget: We take your budget seriously and most importantly, we want you to be satisfied with our services. We take your feedback on how much you want to spend so that we can size your system appropriately.

    What is solar net-metering?
    Net-metering is a type of utility policy that controls how your system is connected to the grid and how you are credited for the solar energy you produce.
    Does Duke Energy offer net-metering?
    Yes! Both Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress territories in NC offer net-metering when your homes goes solar. If you are interested in net-metering, no worries. Our team will guide you through the process as certain utilities have a different application procedure.
    Curious about the cost of a home solar system?
    When our clients ask this question, we immediately tell Tham about the federal tax credit that comes with going solar. The Federal tax credit for going solar is 26% in 2020. For example, if the total cost of you system was $22,000, when you subtract 26% you are then left with a %16,280 solar system. There is not set price for a home going solar as there are many factors that contribute to the total cost. The price of a solar home can range from $10k to $100k based on the size of your roof, energy usage, aesthetic preferences, and of course, budget.

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    Home Solar System

    The amount of electricity that a solar energy system will produce will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the home, system design, and much more. Ideally, a home with an unobstructed south-facing view will produce more than enough energy.



    Energy Storage

    Installing battery backup along with your solar energy system for home or business is a smart move and can increase the value of your clean energy investment as well as peace of mind when a grid outage occur.




    EV Chargers

    Electric cars – with no gas engine at all – now work for most budgets and lifestyles. With more and more models to choose from, drivers are choosing electric vehicles (or EVs) than ever before!




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