Utility Solar Rebate for Business

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Utility Solar Rebate for Businesses

Starting in 2018, the Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress Utility solar rebate has been available to North Carolina businesses for a solar rebate of $0.50 per Watt(ac). In 2018, 2019 and 2020, the Commercial rebate has filled completely within a few minutes after the Solar Rebate application window opened. The Duke Solar Rebate program is scheduled to end in 2022.


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All together, North Carolina commercial solar has never had a higher ROI with:

26% Federal Tax Credit for your solar investment

Accelerated depreciation (MACRS)

Solar rebate from Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress (2018-2022)

Savings on your fixed monthly costs to operate your business

Hedging against rising utility costs and combating charges associated with your peak demand

With this rebate it is going to be easier than ever to go solar and:

Position your company as a sustainability leader

Reflect a forward-thinking and stable business plan

Achieve positive cash flow in the first year and every year on your solar investment

Use solar panels with a 25-year warranty and 40-year useful life with proven technology



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